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EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach County’s Richest Divorce: $425 Million in Play!


EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach County’s Richest Divorce: $425 Million in Play!

Rober Oesterlund and Azadeh Banai

Rober Oesterlund and mistress Azadeh Banai (via Facebook)

flag-exclusiveBOCA RATON — Palm Beach County’s latest big-deal divorce has it all.

There’s huge money, and a Boca Raton divorcee could walk away with a record $212 million.

There’s police action, with an investigation into the forging of a signature to obtain a $17 million loan.

There’s a husband holed up in Canada’s most expensive penthouse, who may be hiding hundreds of millions in a maze of international companies and claims assets of just $2.6 million.

And there are nine lawyers involved, since the first attorneys on the case had to bring in their own lawyers to make sure they don’t get sued.

Welcome to Sarah Pursglove vs Robert Oesterlund, the divorce that could make the $100 million or so paid to their exes by area golfers Tiger Woods and Greg Norman look like chump change.

Sarah Pursglove

Sarah Pursglove, who could make $212 million in the divorce (Toronto Star photo)

What makes this one different is that the assets gathered in their 16-year marriage are in the $425 million-range, according to court records. And with Pursglove and Oesterlund being business partners in addition to having been lovers, the court is faced with unusual complications.

The lovebirds started about 40 companies that mostly handled web advertising, and in time because multimillionaire jet setters with homes in Toronto, Finland, Wales, Monaco, the Caribbean and Boca Raton.

When mom-of-two Pursglove’s lawyers first were involved, they were busy trying to stop the flow of money from the local companies to Oesterlund’s maze of foreign accounts and blind trusts, court papers show.

Robert Oesterlund's jewel, the 165-foot Deja Vu ( photo)

Robert Oesterlund’s jewel, the 165-foot Deja Vu ( photo)

The divorce, caused by Oesterlund’s alleged side piece, has become particularly nasty.

Finland native Oesterlund, 42, allegedly attempted to have the couple and its two children’s $8 million-marital home off A1A sold. At the same time, he and the mistress who allegedly caused the divorce are living in a $30 million penthouse on the 55th floor of Toronto’s Four Seasons Hotel, Canada’s most expensive condo.

It took threats of jail and several court orders to have Oesterlund send his family money. The temporary support was set by the court at $125,000-a-month.

The Four Seasons in Toronto, Robert Oesterlund's home (Four Seasons photo)

The Four Seasons in Toronto, Robert Oesterlund’s home (Four Seasons photo)

The latest?

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies are investigating the alleged forgery of Pursglove’s signature on a $17.2 million-loan application made by one of Oesterlund and Pursglove companies.

On the date she allegedly signed the application personally in front of a notary public in Boca Raton, court papers show Pursglove was not even in the United States!

High-profile West Palm Beach lawyer Jeffrey Fisher, Pursglove’s leading attorney, declined comment.

“This is a complex case and I cannot comment,” he said.

Azadeh Banai and Robert Oesterlund (via Facebook)

Mistress Azadeh Banai and multi-millionaire Robert Oesterlund (via Facebook)

And while his lawyers are mum, Oesterlund wrote in a court affidavit: “Sarah has made wild accusations about me of cutting her off and of trying to frustrate her claims.

“That is not the case. With accounting and legal advice, over the last number of years, my business structure has changed so that the vast majority of business interests are held by a trust in which I am not the beneficiary, nor am I a trustee.

“The transfer of assets to the trust was a long process, and one in which Sarah participated, understood and was informed about.”


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