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THE ORIGINS OF THE JEFFREY EPSTEIN SCANDAL — Part 1: Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Rituals Became Increasingly Daring, to The Point of Rape!


THE ORIGINS OF THE JEFFREY EPSTEIN SCANDAL — Part 1: Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Rituals Became Increasingly Daring, to The Point of Rape!

The Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal flared up again this year with new revelations from victims in a federal lawsuit filed in West Palm Beach nearly 10 years after Wall Street investor Epstein first got on the radar of Palm Beach Police. But what the world doesn’t know is that the tiny police department had enough on Epstein from a year-long investigation that ended in 2006 to send him to prison for decades. Epstein was under secret surveillance as cops analyzed garbage left at the curb of the millionaire’s El Brillo Way compound. Police conducted in-depth interviews of five then-underage female victims and 17 witnesses, most of them Epstein employees. We just obtained exclusively the 22-page, never-published-before report of that investigation and broke it down into two parts. Each is bound to raise doubt about whether Epstein should be a free man today — let alone live on a private island in the Caribbean where he can further pursue his strange sexual habits protected from public view by his wealth.

Today: Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual rituals (WARNING: Some of the material included in this story is extremely graphic and sexual in nature!)

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s newest mug shot (FDLE photo)

PALM BEACH — When it came to sex with underage suburban West Palm Beach girls in the early-2000s, Wall Street millionaire Jeffrey Epstein was a well-oiled machine.


Epstein, now 62 and in the worldwide limelight, was ritualistic about his encounters with teenage girls.

And like a serial killer, he allegedly got more daring than just oily massages, “clockwise and counter-clockwise,” he insisted.

There were an increasing number of girls too young to consent to sex, sometimes three per day: One in the morning. One at lunchtime. And another at night. Sometimes two at a time.

British Royal Prince Andrew, lawyer Alan Dershowitz named in new Epstein papers

And they looked younger and younger, including one who just turned 15.

From just touching girls in the small of their backs, Epstein introduced sex toys, vibrators and large rubber dildos that he’d order his butler to clean and disinfect for the next girl.

Then, Epstein pushed the envelope to the point of rape, one of the girls told police back in September 2005. He allegedly forced her down on her chest then pushed his deformed penis inside of her despite her pleas that he stop.

Court documents: Jeffrey Epstein parties with 12-year-old girls

Yet, it always started the same way, the report obtained by Gossip Extra shows, in a ritual rehearsed by Epstein and his staff hundreds of times.

Girls would be ushered into his $8.5 million-house through the kitchen and be offered snacks or lunch by the chef, sometimes after getting questioned by a security guard at the gate.

358 El Brillo

Epstein’s house at 358 El Brillo Way in Palm Beach (Google Map photo)

Another Epstein staffer brought them past dozens of photos of nude young girls and into a massage room on the second floor of the posh waterfront mansion.

A massage table would be prepared just so, with an array of massage oils laid out.

Soon, Epstein came in without warning and naked, except for a towel around his waist.

Once on the table, he removed the towel from his groin as he chose a massage oil.

He always requested the girls to get naked although not all of them agreed. One stayed dressed in her tight jeans and tank top. Another refused to take off her panties. A third agreed to be naked and forbid Epstein to touch her.

Jeffrey Epstein’s victim: I did not have sex with that man, Bill Clinton!

On his stomach, Epstein then would ask that they massage his legs underneath the buttocks. At times, he asked that a girl sat on his back, her bare buttocks touching his.

Then, he flipped over and ask that they touch his chest.

During the massages, Epstein invariably placed a hand on the small of their back while masturbating with the other hand.

At first.

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, on a New York City street in 2011 (Splash News photo)

Then, his hand on the girls wandered lower — if they allowed him to do it.

Those who didn’t allow that to happen were not asked back.

Five teenage women interviewed by Palm Beach Police in 2005-06 about their visits to Epstein’s cul-de-sac home told Det. Joe Racarey the same story over, and over again.

The investigation, according to the report, was launched March 15, 2005, when the family of an underage girl contacted Palm Beach PD to complain about “unlawful sexual activity” at 358 El Brillo Way.

The victim “reported that a subject known to her as ‘Jeff’ touched her vaginal area with a vibrator/massager.”

Jeff was identified by the girl, whose name was redacted from the police report, in a photo lineup.

The report spells out how the first victim was told by Haley Robson, a classmate and cousin of the victim’s boyfriend, that she could make some money by providing sexual favors for a wealthy Palm Beacher.

The victim first met Epstein on Feb. 6, 2005. It was a Sunday, the day of Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville.

“She (the victim) told her father she was going shopping but, in reality, Robson drove her to Palm Beach. During the drive, . . . . Robson reportedly told (the victim) that if Jeff asked her age, she should say she was eighteen,” the PBPD report reads.

The police report takes it from there:

At this point, police knew they had to investigate further — despite that fact that Robson was paid $200 for bringing the victim, and the victim was paid $300.

Cops interviewed four more girls, including Robson, until an arrest on Sept. 11, 2005 kicked the probe into high gear.

That’s when another underage girl, named on AH in the report, was arrested by Palm Beach Police and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

While in cuffs, AH told police of sexual activity at Epstein’s house.

Detective Racarey heard of the arrest. And he remembered the girl’s name. He’d found it with a phone number scribbled on a piece paper in Epstein’s garbage.

What the new girl told police when she was brought in for a chat a few days later may have been the most damning allegations against the millionaire Democratic Party donor yet.

AH described how massages escalated over a two-year period into three-way sex and girl-on-girl sex as Epstein watched, then tried to force himself on her.

Here is the report:


In the end, Epstein’s high-priced lawyers negotiated a deal with the federal government that prevented his prosecution by Department of Justice sleuths.

The case was bumped back to Palm Beach County court, where then-State Attorney Barry Krischer allowed Epstein to plead guilty to one count of procuring an underage girl for prostitution.

Epstein, who’d never been arrested before, was sentenced to 13 months in the county lockup — serving at night only.

He was forced to register as a sex offender and must tell the state each time he inhabits a new house.

EDITORIAL: Palm Beach Post motion in Jeffrey Epstein case is a joke!

Earlier this year, two victims filed to join two others as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the federal government for the way it handled Epstein’s prosecution.

That case is pending.

Part 2 of the Gossip Extra series on Jeffrey Epstein: The money!

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