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EXCLUSIVE — Justin Bieber Deposition 2: He Says he’s Still Dating Selena Gomez . . . And Behaves When Asked if he Suffers From Brain Damage!


EXCLUSIVE — Justin Bieber Deposition 2: He Says he’s Still Dating Selena Gomez . . . And Behaves When Asked if he Suffers From Brain Damage!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Tuesday in Manhattan (Splash News photo)

SANTA MONICA — Troubled pop star Justin Bieber was just deposed for a second time in the lawsuit brought against him by a Miami Beach photographer and — wait for it! — he behaved like a true, young gentleman!

Even when he was asked if he suffers from brain damage.

What’s more, Bieber was under oath when he told the intimate audience of half a dozen lawyers and note-takers that, as of today, he’s still dating singer Selena Gomez!

“As of today, what is your relationship with Selena Gomez,” asked¬†Mark DiCowden, paparazzo Jeffery Binion‘s lawyer. Binion claims he was assaulted by Bieber’s bodyguards last year in Miami, on Bieber’s orders.

“We’re dating,” Bieber answered.

“You mean, you’re boyfriend-girlfriend,” the lawyer said.

“We are,” Bieber admitted.

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: The second Bieber deposition, at the offices of Bieber’s lawyer in Santa Monica this morning, was rather brief, just 30 minutes.

The singer of Boyfriend wore an oversized t-shirt down to his knees and leggings.

“He looked like he was wearing a dress,” one observer tells Gossip Extra.

But Bieber behaved much better than he did in Miami in March, when the depo video showing him snap at court reporters and Dicowden went viral.

Today’s proceeding came as a result of his behavior in March, when he refused to answer questions about Gomez.

DiCowden has been trying to establish a pattern of abuse of photographers by Bieber, and Gomez actually held back Bieber in another incident involving a photographer in Los Angeles.

When asked about that incident today, Bieber said he didn’t remember. But the back and forth with DiCowden was interesting.

“Do you have brain damage,” DiCowden asked.

“I don’t,” Bieber deadpanned.

“Have you been diagnosed with a neurological condition that would prevent you from remembering,” DiCowden asked.

“No,” Bieber said.

UPDATE: Justin Bieber could be forced to undergo psych eval

Bieber did, however, explain to DiCowden how his brain works.

Bieber said he controls “what goes into his brain” and what comes out. Bieber said he works on remembering lyrics, dance moves and music.

Anything else, he said, he quickly erases from his memory.


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