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EXCLUSIVE — Inside Dwyane Wade’s Wedding: The Castle, The Guests, The Play-by-Play, The Live Chickens . . .


EXCLUSIVE — Inside Dwyane Wade’s Wedding: The Castle, The Guests, The Play-by-Play, The Live Chickens . . .

Chateau Artisan, the Homestead mansion where Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are getting hitched today (MLS photo)

Chateau Artisan, the Homestead mansion where Miami Heat Dwyane Wade and Think Like a Man actress Gabrielle Union are getting hitched tonight (MLS photo)

HOMESTEAD — Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade is spending $5 million on his wedding weekend, a source tells Gossip Extra.

And for that kind of money, every single detail has been planned out to the minute and to the single napkin.

Especially tonight’s celebration of the nuptials of Wade and bride Gabrielle Union, a movie actress who stars in Think Like a Man. They both were married once before.

UPDATE: John Legend to serenade Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union

Despite the fact that Wade had the 200 guests and a nearly equal number of vendors and workers sign confidentiality agreements, Gossip Extra can reveal that tonight’s event is more akin to a nouveau riche Hollywood production than a wedding.

The theme: Old Florida juke joint — and the decor has plenty of Heat references and even live chicken!

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

Awwww! Dwyane Wade wipes away a rebellious eyelash from Gabrielle Union’s pretty face at a charity function in March at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino! (Mke Jachles photo)

Gossip Extra obtained a copy of the detailed wedding schedule.

It shows that organizers were so paranoid to let the cat out of the bag during the months of planning that the paperwork is under the headline: The wedding of Sheik Noinu Edaw.

That’s Union Wade spelled backwards!

For the guests — including former teammate LeBron James and Heat championship players Ray Allen, Shane Battier and Chris Bosh, and New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony — it all starts about 3 p.m., when several fancy buses are scheduled to pick up the well-wishers at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Most guests have no idea where they’re going, but they’ll be taken about 45 minutes south to Chateau Artisan, a $13 million-mansion built by local architect Charles Sieger to look like a castle.

It’s in the rural Redlands area near Homestead, so it’s not easily accessible by road.

LeBron James and Savannah

LeBron James and his pregnant wife Savannah are guests at Dwyane Wade’s wedding tonight (Splash News photo)

There’s even a moat around the property, which is listed for sale, to make sure no unwanted guests and paparazzi will crash.

Wade was so serious about it that sun reflectors were supposed to be set up on the roof of the mansion to prevent photos and videos from helicopters.

The bride and groom are scheduled to be flown down from Wade’s house on North Bay Road in Miami Beach by helicopter about two hours later, right on time for the 6:30 p.m. ceremony.

Chateau Artisan

The mansion in Homestead where Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is set to marry actress Grabrielle Union tonight (MLS photo)

The exchange of vows will be performed on one of two gazebos that jut out into the water, with John Legend on the piano:

— The chairs for the well-wishers are set up near the house on the main island. They are described as “ghost chairs,” transparent so as not to detract from the castle in the background

— Each chair will have a set of opera glasses for more comfortable watching since the ceremony will be relatively far from the guests

— The ceremony will be officiated by actress Essence Atkins, Union’s bestest BFF

— Guests will be provided with flip-flops and shoe covers to navigate the grass

Dinner is in a giant tent with a large chandelier in the middle:

— Four 72-inch TVs throughout the tent

— There are 18 tables of 10 to 12 people, 200 napkins with the lovebirds’ initials on them

— The chairs are custom-made and covered with black crocodile skin

— The special chairs for bride and groom look like thrones

— There’ll be a candles ceremony during dinner. The guests will be given a candle to light and will wish the newlyweds well. A choir will emerge and gather a group of guests in front of the house and walk down the driveway then pick up the group emerging from the dining tent.

Together, they all will enter a movie set-style juke joint as the choir will perform a last song on the main stage.

By the way, the main stage is 16 feet by 24 feet and will be covered in burlap and shielded with aged velvet curtains — with fringe. The front edge is lined with wooden fruit crates to create a stage skirt.

The stage will have stained wood on the platform base and the sides will also be clad in wood. They will resemble large porches with lanterns and sconces. Aged pallet-style corrugated metal walls will be installed behind the two entrances on the stage.

Beside the stage, the juke joint also has themed bars, like the Battier Bar as in Shane Battier and a moonshine bar with crates of live chickens.

Outside, there’s a specialty drink bar in a shack named The Voodoo Backwoods Shack, and it comes complete with a real voodoo queen.

Some signs that decorate the juke joint area: Bar Melo, as in Carmelo Anthony; Bosh’s Brewery for Chris Bosh and Ray’s Retirement Home after Ray Allen.

Another sign: Cleveland, this Way! Of course, that refers to LeBron’s return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For the late snacks, the juke joint will be set up with a buffet with market style booths for waffles, cupcakes and cookies.

The food will be on long wood palettes suspended from the ceiling. When the time comes to serve, the palettes will lowered by electrical engines.

EDITORIAL: Dwyane Wade’s after-party theme shows appalling ignorance of history!

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