EXCLUSIVE — O.J. Simpson’s Miami Water Bill Finally Paid!

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson’s bloated appearance shocked observers when he appeared in court last year in Las Vegas (Splash News photo)

KENDALL — O. J. Simpson will be jumping with joy in his desert prison cell when he hears this!

His debt to the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department was cleared.


Court records show the government entity charged with evacuating O.J.’s poop filed a lien against him in April, claiming unpaid bills totaling $457.33.

Of course, Simpson’s serving up to 33 years in a Nevada prison after he was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery for his attack on a football memorabilia dealer in 2007.

So, he couldn’t pay, and his house at 9450 SW 112th St. was empty.

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But the investors who bought his property in foreclosure earlier this year sent the water folks a check — and the lien was removed.

BTW, Simpson will be eligible for parole in 2018.

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  1. Adrienne Blis Brown says

    “Evacuating his poop”? Is that some sort of technical term? Someone should definitely evacuate his poop and a lot more. 2018? Let’s hope he does something else wrong so there is no parole … or maybe the parole board will note the absence of his efforts to find the real killer when he was menacing the memorabilia dealer and think that is substantive!

  2. Lois Penberth says

    BTW it’s 2017 he will be eligible for parole. He should not be in there in the first place . The prosecutors left 3 criminals go to get OJ Simpson . WOW Nevada you must a have a great prosecution record. Every prosecutor in the world would be great if they left two guys bring stolen property across state lines and get away with it . I believe that is a CRIME. And then they let one guy go that was wiretapping a room full of people without their knowledge. I believe that is a CRIME. If I am not mistaken I think that might be Federal .How did he get away with that and it was public knowledge that he did this. OH I’m sorry I forgot who the defendant was OJ Simpson . That’s why !!!!!

    • Ardery Andrews says

      Guess there is still some who believe OJ did not kill his wife. Sorry no federal law regarding recording conversations. It is state law that determines it. Some states have single consent. If it had not been for the leather gloves OJ would have been convicted of murder…guess city slicker prosecutors didn’t know leather shrinks and gets a bit stiff when it dries after being wet.