EXCLUSIVE — Ex-Boxer, US Congress Candidate Jameel McCline: I’m Flat Broke!

Jameel McCline: Vote for me, pretty please with a cherry on top!

Jameel McCline: Vote for me, please!

DELRAY BEACH — Despite an estimated $15 million in boxing career earnings and his use of $150,000 of his own money to run his campaign for the U.S. Congress,¬†Jameel McCline is financially KO, according to federal court records.

It’s yet another story about the man who’s challenging longtime incumbent and disgraced judge Alcee Hastings that The Palm Beach Post hasn’t told its readers: Earlier this year, McCline filed for bankruptcy — and reported being in the hole by almost $500,000!

— UPDATE: On Aug. 26, McCline was defeated by incumbent U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, McCline earned just shy of 7 percent of the votes

According to the Chapter 7 filing, McCline is earning about an average $3,491 a month from personal training and boxing commentary on the EPIX network — but his expenses are about $5,345, according to the paperwork.

Click here to read McCline’s bankruptcy filing

He owes nearly $60,000 in back taxes, $183,000 to a bank after his house was foreclosed on, and $9,500 to Capital One credit cards. He’s had three cars repossessed, owes medical bills and a recent $38,586 judgment in a business deal gone bad.

“Big Time” McCline, who was forced to apologize yesterday after Gossip Extra first published a video tape of him calling a man “faggot” and his mom “a retard,” hung up the phone when we asked him to comment on the bankruptcy this morning.

Jameel McCline

Jameel “Big Time” McCline: I want to be in Congress, big time! (AP photo)

One question was how he managed to cull together $150,00 for his congressional run despite the bankruptcy.

McCline won’t say.

By the way, the bankruptcy case was closed after it became apparent that the dozen or so creditors will probably not be paid.

On the campaign trail, McCline, 44, has been hawking his personal story of rags, and prison for the sale the guns, to riches after 47 professional heavyweight fights, including bouts against Shannon Briggs and Wladimir Klitschko.

McCline’s next fight is at the ballot box Tuesday in the Democratic primary.

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  1. Victor Kislak says

    Mr hastings convictions to my knowledge were over turned, At the time federal judge Hastings was impeached which at the time a very first , never had a federal judge been impeached. This was about thirty years ago so I may be incorrect in part. Point is I don’t see this as a disgraced anything.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      Well, Victor, you are a forgiving taxpayer. If the U.S. Senate discusses impeachment, that’s “disgraced” in my book — whether you are impeached or not.

  2. YQue says

    Alcee has always been a very slippery sort. The type of politician that only Blacks or Cubans would ever elect to office in the face of outrageous shenanigans.(See David Rivera, and any mayor of Hialeah)

  3. Ric says

    Just what we need another candidate in the legislature with no intelligence and a financial disaster. Bet the lobbyist can’t wait, just a more desperate legislator willing to do their bidding for a few bucks for his “campaign fund.”