EXCLUSIVE — Tiger Woods Ex Elin Nordegren: I Paid my Plumber!

Elin Nordegren's house in North Palm Beach

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife should be able to move into her new sprawling mansion soon! (Splash News photo)

NORTH PALM BEACH — Gossip Extra has got to be the best debt collector in Palm Beach County!

Just days after we told you of a lien placed against the North Palm Beach property of Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods‘ long-suffering ex-wife, the construction debt was paid in full Monday.

You’re welcome!

We broke the story last month: A plumbing supplies company,┬áStuart-based Gorman Company, filed a construction lien on Nordegren’s nearly finished beachfront property at Seminole Landing — claiming she owed $13,865.30 worth of pool equipment delivered May.

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While liens are not unusual on large construction jobs, this is the first one filed against Nordegren on that construction project.

Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren (Splash News photo)

The $20 million, 21,000-square-foot mansion, with nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms, is scheduled to be occupied by the hottie and her kids soon.

Nordegren made news over the weekend when it became apparent that she and her billionaire neighbor Chris Cline ended their year-long romance.

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    • Judie says

      If this girl had brains we’d be in trouble. Here she bought the original house, with termites, no inspection??? And then donates the rotten cabinets to good will, so everyone else can have a few. Northernnights needs a little help.

  1. YQue says

    The property has no beach, and will be under water the first hurricane that rips through. or global warming will have her wading to one of her 12 bathrooms.

    Enjoy the fruits of Tiger’s money while you can, bimbo.

  2. Ric says

    I know it’s her money (well really it’s Tiger’s) but I can’t understand why anyone would want a house that large. It’s like living in a museum, and then you have to have a full-time staff always present to take care of it…so in the end you really have no privacy.