EXCLUSIVE — Plumber to Tiger Woods’ ex-Wife: Pay Your Bills . . . or Else!

Elin Nordegren's house in North Palm Beach

Taking shape: The North Palm Beach home of Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren is nearly completed! (Gossip Extra photo)

NORTH PALM BEACH — A plumbing supplies company filed a construction lien on the nearly-finished beachfront property of Tiger Woods‘ ex-wife this week — claiming her people paid just $205.30 on $13,865.30 worth of pool equipment delivered in May to her North Palm Beach property.

Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren (Splash News photo)

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: The Stuart-based Gorman Company slapped the lien on Swedish babe Elin Nordegren‘s property at the fancy Seminole Landing neighborhood, according to county records.

If she or the contractor that hired Gorman, pool builder E.S. Unlimited Waterworks, doesn’t pony up $13,660.30 soon, Gorman could conceivably sue Nordegren.

Neither the lawyer who helps Nordegren manage the $100 million plus she’s receiving from Woods in their 2010 divorce nor Gorman officials returned calls for comment.

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While liens are not unusual on large construction jobs, this is the first one filed against Nordegren on that construction project.

The $20 million, 21,000-square-foot mansion, with nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms, is scheduled to be occupied by the hottie and her two kids with Woods by Christmas.

Elin Nordegren's house

Almost done: Elin Nordegren’s 21,000-square-foot mansion in North Palm Beach (Splash News photo)

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  1. Numbskull says

    She has a lawyer helping manage her money? what’s the over under on how long till she’s broke?

  2. katy says

    Looks like the problem is between the contractor and the Gorman company. I donĀ“t think she is broke or will be soon and Elin has her “sugar daddy”!!.

    • Carmen says

      I totally agree, this seems to be an issue between the contractor of the entire project who is the one who contract the companies that will provide specialized services such as building a pool, fitting a kitchen, etc.!!! Normally in big projects like this, that takes years to complete, bills are payable within 60 days and some as long as 90 days. All the details are usually spelled out in the contract!!! Maybe he wants some free advertizing!!!

      • pete says

        Who wants free ADVERTISING Elin? I mean Carmen? You Nordics need to learn to spell English words correctly, by the way. There is no ‘Z’ in the word, advertising.

      • pete says

        Who wants free ADVERTISING Elin? I mean Carmen? You Nordics need to learn to spell English words correctly, by the way.

      • pete says

        Who wants free ADVERTISING Elin? I mean Carmen? You Nords need to learn to spell English words correctly, by the way.

    • Numbskull says

      Don’t know anything about lien law. Property owner is liable but it will get settled. Also even the richest can go broke ask Abe gosman or Adnan Kashoggi and they were a lot smarter than she is.

  3. Ric says

    I think it is really sad that these extremely rich people stiff the workers at every opportunity.

  4. lars1459 says

    To a person who got a $100,000,000 settlement, I guess a $13,000 bill is meaningless. Nonetheless, she should be ashamed.

  5. Amy says

    This article says she will be in by Christmas. They just did a People magazine article that came out in June. She is LIVING in the house already. There were pics of her posing and talking about how she hired Celine Dion’s interior designer.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      She’s not. She is living across the street. People magazine publishes things to make her happy, not necessarily the truth.

  6. Amy says

    Interesting.. why say she was currently living there if she hasn’t moved in yet? What’s the big deal? I guess since she did her one and only interview with People years ago they are willing to do what she wants.