EXCLUSIVE — With KVJ Show on WRMF, Jennifer Ross Headed to Sunny

Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross, on a recent vacation (via Facebook)

WEST PALM BEACH — The area’s radio market could look vastly different in the near future!

With the KVJ Show‘s Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington likely headed to WRMF-97.9 FM as Gossip Extra first reported yesterday, the buzz in Radioland is that current WRMF morning star and long-time local personality Jennifer Ross is headed to Sunny 107.9 FM!

And that’s a homecoming of sorts: Ross made a name in the Palm Beaches and along the Treasure Coast on Sunny in the 1990s with on-air partner Kevin Kitchens, who died of a heart attack in 1999.

And Ross’ departure from Sunny in 2001 and overnight switch to WRMF made huge news in the market: A lawsuit brought by Sunny, then owned by CBS Radio, and an appeal of the $17.2 million in damages awarded to CBS lasted for 11 YEARS.

In time, Ross was fired from WRMF in 2009 then re-hired when the station was bought by West Palm Beach businessman Dean Goodman‘ Palm Beach Broadcasting two years later.

The company also bought Sunny from CBS in 2012!

“Mr. Goodman is a huge Jennifer Ross fan,” said a local radionland source. “There’s no way they’ll fire her when KVJ comes. The most logical thing is for her to end up on Sunny, where she started.”

When reached, Ross said she didn’t anything about WRMF bringing in KVJ, or any moves within Palm Beach Broadcasting.

“This is all news to me,” she said.

WRMF General Manager Elizabeth Hamma isn’t returning calls for comment.

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  1. Another day is paradise says

    I would love love love to see Tim Byrd come back to radio in Palm Beach County!

  2. Estrogen says

    The best part of the WRMF morming show is Jennifer Ross. I’d follow her back to Sunny.

  3. Estrogen says

    Joe Raineri just posted a goodbye on his Facebook page. What will happen to Deena Lang?

  4. jared says

    Elvis Duran is at the top of the food chain. KVJ keeps trying to compete with him and it didn’t work in Ft. Lauderdale, so why will it work in Palm Beach? They need to go to a market where Elvis isn’t.

    • Rick says

      Jared, Elvis Duran is the easiest way to profits for Clear Channel. They pay his staff one time and then syndicate his program all over the country (Wild gets his show for probably 1/3 of what it cost to have KVJ). It was all about the $$. KVJ were top-rated when let go by Clear Channel in what was strictly a cost-cutting move. I predict that KVJ on WRMF will be #1 by the first rating book. As for Wild…they’re trending downward and I can’t be more pleased. Big corps like Clear Channel are killing radio for the almighty dollar. I hope KVJ kicks their a$$es!

  5. Beasley says

    Jennifer is a class act so I hope whatever is going on is good for her. She’s been in this market for ages, and that’s a feat in and of itself. I had the pleasure to work with JR during the early 90’s at RMF/JNO. :)

  6. Bill says

    Jen Ross is the best. Have followed her from one station to another. I loved the group (Jen, Dena, and Danny) in the morning slot on the way to work!!!

    I will follow Jen to 107.9FM

    • Frank B. says

      It’s been a long time since I was on-air and either behind a mic or running a board but I never knew radio to be as slimey as it is these days. Sunny and RMF are, apparently, not only owned by the same company but also operate (presumably) out of the same building at 701 Northport Parkway. Heck, even the promotional staff members are the same people for each station! It’s now clear to me that when JR said she wasn’t aware of any switch of stations she was simply “playing the game”. Those stations (and two others) are owned by Palm Beach Broadcasting and that company seems to like to play the “listener loyalty game”. Listener’s will “switch” from one to the other—in this case by following JR—but the bottom line is that they are listening to the same company one way or the other. Palm Beach Broadcasting is doing a good job in fooling their audience. I thought something strange was going on when SUNNY and RMF were simulcasting the same morning show after “the switch”. Well, they fooled me. I’ll still listen to SUNNY but damn if I’ll support their advertisers.

  7. Laurie says

    I truly enjoyed the team of joe, Jenn and Deena
    I DO NOT listen to RMF now that the change has been made.

    New broadcasting is awful
    Sounds fake and forced