EXCLUSIVE — KVJ Show Returns to West Palm Beach Radio, on WRMF!

KVJ Show

The KVJ Show’s Kevin Rolston (left), Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington (via Facebook)

WEST PALM BEACH — Morning radio’s KVJ Show is returning to the West Palm Beach market about a year after hosts Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington moved to Miamibut the trio is set to announce their new station at a press conference tomorrow in West Palm Beach.

From what I’m told, as of this weekend, Rolston, Sinicki and Pennington had two offers: One from WRMF-97.9 FM and the other from their old outfit, Wild-95.5 FM.

So, where are they going?

Several sources are telling me the jocks will announce that the $500,000-a-year show is being picked up by WRMF!

WRMF General Manager Elizabeth Hama isn’t returning calls for comment and neither are Wild’s people.

This much is sure: KVJ‘s hosts have beeen talking to Hama and WRMF owner Dean Goodman for weeks.

Radio industry folks, however, believed KVJ‘s move to WRMF makes no sense since current morning talent Jennifer Ross, Joe Raineri and Deena Lang are No.1 in morning drive-time.

“I don’t see WRMF firing Jennifer Ross to bring on KVJ but anything is possible in radio,” a former WRMF employee said.

After KVJ left Wild for Miami’s Hits 97.3 FM, Wild owner Clear Channel Communications’ Regional Program Manager Dave Denver made it clear KVJ could return if they wanted to.

Denver and Rolston have maintained their relationship since, I’ve been told.

Wild’s ccurrent syndicated morning host Elvis Duran, however, has outperformed expectations and built up a following in West Palm Beach and on the Treasure Coast.

Kevin Rolston declined comment.

He and the rest of the crew are set to appear at a press conference at 3 p.m. tomorrow at CityPlace to announce The Decision — LeBron-style! (Even if Gossip Extra readers found out first!)

Meanwhile, check out the video KVJ put on Facebook yesterday:

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  1. Enrique says

    Kevin Jason and Virginia have no talent. I would be shocked if they got back there spot on 95.5 as Elvis Duran is doing his thing for much cheaper.

    • Gatorgal says

      You are crazy! Elvis and his crew have the most obnoxious voices all they do is yell and talk over each other. Besides, if I wanted to hear a radio show based in New York, I’d live there.

  2. Woop says

    Whoop-woop! I can’t wait to have these idiots back on the air making those who listen to this garbage even dumber.

    I’m over these crazy fools. Now where’s my unicorn?! TAKE ME TO NPR!

    • Mark says

      Nobody with an IQ over 30 would waste time listening to those babbling airheads. Their ratings are below a 2 share, so it’s bizarre they are on for 4 hours every day. The Penthouse show has to be the most pointless meaningless idiotic talk show since radio started.

    • Mark says

      Nobody with an IQ over 30. Trust me, I know their ratings (1.2) and I know Gary Margoates the reek lies to their advertisers about their ratings. Another question is Why do so many slimy creeps like Bernie Maddof, Medicare fraud Drs., Gary Margoates aka the reek drive black Mercedes Benz cars.