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BREAKING NEWS — Ex-Palm Beach Socialite to be Sentenced in Las Vegas Shooting of Her Son Tomorrow!


BREAKING NEWS — Ex-Palm Beach Socialite to be Sentenced in Las Vegas Shooting of Her Son Tomorrow!

Linda Cooney

Ex-socialite Linda Cooney, found guilty of attempted murder in Las Vegas ( photo)


LAS VEGAS — Linda Cooney, the former Palm Beach County social climber who was found not guilty of killing her ex-husband in 1992 in Juno Beach, is set to be sentenced for shooting her son last year in Las Vegas.

Cooney, 66, was convicted of the 2011 attempted murder of her son Kevin — despite his attempt at trial and during the investigation to have her exonerated!

Twenty-one years after she was found not guilty in the shooting death of high-profile West Palm Beach tax attorney Jim Cooney, Linda was convicted of attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon and intimidating a witness in connection with the shooting of her son.

Kevin survived but he is expected to remain a paraplegic as a result of his injuries.

Linda Cooney was also convicted of stalking Kevin’s then-girlfriend, Karina Taylor, over whom the fight escalated.

Exclusive Linda Cooney interview: I felt no remorse!

She faces three to 65 years in prison when she appears in a Clark County criminal court tomorrow morning.

Prosecutors said she shot her youngest son on June 28, 2011 — with the same .357 Magnum revolver she used to shoot lawyer Jim Cooney at her home in Juno Beach in 1992.

A Palm Beach County jury found Linda not guilty of murdering her ex-husband in 1993 after Kevin, who was then 11, testified in court that he saw an object in his father’s hand when he went toward his ex-wife.

Cops found a knife in Jim Cooney’s hand, although there was testimony at trial that Linda may have placed the knife in his hand after shooting Jim in the back of the head after he feel from two other gunshot wounds.

In Vegas, the 33-year-old Kevin Cooney swore Linda was the real victim in the 2011 incident and claimed he hit her about the head, throat and body.

Yet, photographs showed only one significant bruise on Linda’s right breast –and discounted Kevin’s testimony

Within months of her release in Palm Beach County, Linda packed her belongings, cashed her husband’s $1 million-life insurance and moved to Las Vegas with Kevin and his little brother, Christopher, to start over.

Gossip Extra publisher Jose Lambiet caught up with the family in 2004, and found Linda was still living with her sons, both grown men.

Both appeared to have a cult-like devotion for their mother!

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