BREAKING NEWS — Serena Williams Impregnated by Coach?

Serena Williams

Palm Beach Gardens tennis star Serena Williams appeared unable to stand straight at Wimbledon (AP photo)


PALM BEACH GARDENS — Serena Williams‘ mysterious exit from Wimbledon has sparked speculation that the 32-year-old Palm Beach Gardens tennis champ is pregnant!

While Williams claimed this week that a “bug” brought her to her knees and caused her to withdraw from the doubles competition with sister Venus, the German tabloid Bild today claims Williams’ pregnancy caused her to become woozy on the famous British tennis court.

And Bild ads the baby may have been conceived by Serena’s French coach and rumored boyfriend, Patrick Mouratoglou.

So far, it’s radio silence from Serena, who looked out of it at times in Wimbledon and appeared unable to stand during doubles warmups.

Serena Williams

Sick or pregnant: Serena Williams posted this selfie on Instagram to prove she didn’t fake her sickness to pull out of Wimbledon (via Instagram)

She and her family have never been forthcoming with personal information, and it took the sisters months to acknowledge the Gossip Extra scoop two years ago that their dad fathered a baby at 70!

Serena claimed this week a virus caused her to withdraw after three days of dismal play, and she even posted this photo on Instagram after rumors popped up that she was faking her illness to pull out of the tournament:

“In London, word is that Serena was impregnated by her coach,” Bild claims this morning.

Nine-time Wimbledon champ Martina Navratilova also sounded off on Williams’ strange behavior.

“I find it distressing,” Navratilova told USA Today. “I think virus, whatever they’re saying it was, I don’t think that was it. I think it’s clear that’s not the case. I don’t know what it is, but I hope Serena will be OK.”

Serena is expected to return home to BallenIsles later this week.

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  1. Numbskull says

    Ooooohh Richard not gonna be happy at all he don’t want no crackers in the family.

  2. richierich says

    If she is pregnant it’s none of our business to comment or gossip specially so negatively. I would think that she wouldn’t end her career this way specially with rio 2016 fast approaching and knowing how important it is for her to compete for the Olympics

    • sandra says

      If she is ,as you said it is none of our business but if she is I don’t think it was planned,accidents to happen,,even if you think your being careful,,and as for her taking drugs she may have had an upset stomake and taken something that day that made her dizzing,,but there is a big difference between being ON DRUGS and just taking something because your sick, and just had a bad reaction to it..she an vensus do not take drugs! like that..if so they would have been found outby now.