EXCLUSIVE — Infamous PBSO Sergeant on Desk Duty After Wife Alleges Domestic Abuse!

Jimmy Hightower with wife Kristina

Jimmy Hightower with wife Kristina (via Facebook)

WEST PALM BEACH — Palm Beach County Sheriff community policing expert Sgt. Jimmy Hightower was ordered to desk duty yesterday after a judge approved his wife’s request for a restraining order.

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Hightower was re-assigned because the restraining order, until it’s lifted, makes it illegal for him to pack a gun and mandates that he stay away from his spouse.

PBSO Sgt Jimmy Hightower

PBSO Sgt. Jimmy Hightower (via Facebook)

According to court records, PBSO civilian employee Kristina Hightower was granted the restraining order after what she claims were several violent incidents. A court hearing is scheduled for June 11.

According to Kristina’s filing, Hightower’s been drinking heavily. It lead to an incident May 28 in which he allegedly elbowed her while she tried to protect their young son from Hightower’s anger over his brushing his teeth.

Jimmy Hightower, meanwhile, is infamous at PBSO for his beatdown of a subordinate during a deer hunt in Tennessee at a time when he’d become the agency’s poster boy for a more gentle community enforcement.

Two years ago, Hightower pleaded guilty to sucker-punching Deputy Jim Mackey near Knoxville and was handed a two-day suspension by PBSO.

The length of the suspension was controversial among the troops since Internal Affairs had asked for five days and a demotion.

According to the IA report of that incident, Hightower, Mackey, fellow deputy John DeLaura and two others were driving on a dark country road after a hunting expedition Dec. 5, 2011 when they spotted a deer.

According to the report Hightower, who had been drinking and was on the passenger’s seat, grabbed his rifle and told Mackey, the sober designated driver, to stop the SUV. Mackey refused because shooting deer from a vehicle is illegal in most states.

Hightower became irate, according to the paperwork, and took to arguing with Mackey who, at the time, was his direct subordinate.

Mackey eventually stopped the car and started walking to their hotel. That’s when Hightower sprinted to Mackey and slugged him at least twice. Mackey reported seeing stars and sustained a deep cut to his mouth. Their companions eventually peeled Hightower off Mackey.

As he bled profusely, the three sheriff’s employees then openly discussed lying about the incident to protect Hightower, according to the IA report. And Mackey alleged told hospital personnel in Tennessee who stitched him up that he fell in his hotel room.

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  1. Ben Dover says

    Wow, I find that behavior shockingly surprising out of a guy that looks so gentle and serene!!! He looks like he had a tough time making a career choice between being a d-head cop or being a poet laureate. Don’t worry though his apologist Bradshaw will have him out on the beat(no pun intended) in no time. Something tells me he is not as smart as he looks.

    • YQue says

      You really think he looks like a Poet? His look and his actions more accurately portray the mouth breathing knuckledragger he most assuredly is.

  2. thurston howell III says

    What an asshole. Is this the calibre of people the PBSO is attracting? Scary to think these lowlifes are the ones out there to supposedly protect us.

    I might rather take my chances with the criminal element!

  3. YQue says

    This guy is what passes for a “community policing expert” in the dysfunctional Palm Beach Sheriffs office of Ric Bradshaw, who has never seen a deputy whose illegal actions cannot be apologized for.

    Why this County keeps voting this fascist into office is a mystery to me.

  4. YQue says

    PS…If a deputy cannot legally carry a firearm, then he should be Fired as he can’t fulfill his responsibilities as an Officer.

    What does it take to get fired by Bradshaw? Not stealing weapons and prescription narcotics from dead fellow officers, not having a drunken golf tournament with naked Hookers being hoisted for a photo op with your minor son in attendance, not for many other things which would result in arrest and a quick trip to Gun Club Rd. for you or me.

  5. Ric says

    Now ladies and gentlemen you know why they are called “pigs.” Fat drunken slob who Bradshaw and Gauger keep on their team to make sure they have someone to clean up their messes in return.

  6. JOEL GOODMAN says