EXCLUSIVE — KVJ Show Hits Music-Fueled Snag in Miami Market!

Nine months after their move to the Miami market, radio stars Kevin Rolston (left), Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington are being replaced by top-40 tunes (via Facebook)

Nine months after their move to the Miami market, radio stars Kevin Rolston (left), Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington are being replaced by top-40 tunes (via Facebook)

HOLLYWOOD — When the legendary KVJ Show‘s Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington quit their West Palm Beach radio station after nearly 14 years and moved to a lowly-rated new home in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market, their Wild 95.5 listeners here freaked.

In time, however, they discovered that the morning crew’s new station, the Cox Media-owned Hits 97-3, could be heard in most of Palm Beach County — and things settled.

No mas!

Dozens of fans reached out to Gossip Extra today to publicize what they say is the trio’s plight down south!

Hits 97-3, it seems, decided to change format.

And what was a talk show where Rolston, Sinicki and Pennington bantered about life in South Florida suddenly turned into a music show.

There was no warning to the public.

And there’s no comment from the honchos at the station, which is owned by an Atlanta conglomerate that also owns The Palm Beach Post.

Rolston, the show’s defacto spokesman, isn’t returning calls.

An insider at the Hollywood-based station said Rolston, Sinicki and Pennington still show up at the studio every morning.

But they are reduced to spinning a reduced Top-40 playlist and reading weather and traffic reports. The show’s webpage hasn’t been refreshed in three weeks.

Listeners from the Florida Keys to North Palm Beach, meanwhile, are ballistic.

Earlier this week, they launched a Save The KVJ Show page on Facebook. It already received 2,100 likes.

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  1. Megan Camerer says

    Thank you so much Jose Lambiet for putting this story out there. I’ve been listening for 10 years and this new format is killing me! You were a great part of their show as well when they were in WPB and I loved listening to the gossip game! Again, I really want to extend my sincerest thanks for caring enough to put out this story on behalf of the KVJ Nation!

  2. Mary says

    Thank you so much for putting this out! We hope you are able to dig up the whole story as time goes on. Sometimes gossip sites get a bad rap; but, you are doing a great public service by reporting on this! There are so many long time listeners who are incredibly frustrated by what Cox Media is doing to the a KVJ Show and we just want to help them get back on the air in the correct format ASAP.

  3. Andrew Levine says

    What is management afraid of? They made a mistake and it is a quick fix. #KVJNation

  4. Beth Pastorino says

    Very upset about this like everyone else. Moved to Florida from NY in 2007, and started to listen. While I enjoyed listening to Elvis Duran and the Z morning Zoo switched to 95.5 since they were local. When they moved to Miami @ 97.3 switched over(even though I could care less about Miami traffic) Now with the new format I switched back to Elvis and the Zoo. Save the KVJ show !!!!!

  5. Noelle Smith says

    Thank you, Jose! We love you for publishing this story! Thank you soooo much! We need the KVJ Show back and you just help us SOOOOOOO much!

  6. candi price says

    I am so upset about this. I live in PSL and I listen to the KVJ show every morning. They make me laugh till I cry. I enjoyed everything about the show from the silly competitions they did to the drunk girl trivia, the no name movie game and also just listening to their every day family affairs.I have been listening to the show for over 10 years and I am going to sorely miss it if it doesnt come back.

  7. Marlana says

    First world problems man. Maybe you could care about more important things going on in the world than saving a stupid radio talk show.

    • Megan Camerer says

      This is a gossip website about local things. If you only care “more important” things why are you even on this page commenting. Oh, and FYI, this morning talk show is extremely important to those of us who have been listening for ten years. We feel like they are a part of our family. Why don’t you go save the world and leave the rest of us to be concerned about the KVJ show!

  8. Sandy says

    Thank Jose for putting this story out there! Not sure what the big boys at Cox are thinking, but they’re losing alot of listeners, including me. Save the KVJ show!!

  9. MasterSoda says

    MasterSoda Misses the SNACK PACK!!!! COME BACK TO Palm Beach County, Elvis is NOT TOLERABLE!
    SNACK PACK!!!!!!!

  10. Gina Parrish says

    I was wondering with the heck was going on this morning. I HATE it. I loved the KVJ show and still do not know why they left WPB. Where they kicked out? Grass is not always greener…. I am sorry to see them go.

  11. Jennifer Romano says

    I was a loyal listener for 14 years while they were at Wild 95.5. The way they just left WPB to go to the Coast, without much warning- was bullshit. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, and the Coast was known for a the slogan ” the best of the 80’s, 90’s and today!”. Never did you ever hear a current song or a talk show. Wild 95.5 wasn’t broken. Greed caused them to leave the home that paid their bills. They lied to their public and said they would still live in Palm Beach and be heard in Palm Beach- but those who followed them to the coast heard their stories of house hunting and everything they did and spoke about was relevant to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, not Palm Beach. Their former listeners got screwed listening to Elvis Duran- where its all NY news and the followers got stuck hearing about Miami & Palm Beach. Greed took them out of PB and in the end, took them out. I say its karma served hot.

  12. Paul Sirota says

    Maybe someone from 95.5 is watching all of this go down and if they were SMART, they would call KVJ and offer them their spot back, maybe even a raise. Inconvenient for KVJ but they could come back to their “home” where they are appreciated. Shame on COX media for bringing them on then doing this to them. 95.5 now has the chance to save the day!!!!!!! Just Sayin!

  13. MARISSA says

    Crappy music stations are a dime a dozen in south Florida. If I wanted to listen to crappy music, I’d tune into those stations. I followed the KVJ show from 95.5 to 97.3 and even put up with static in some areas just to hear their show. Now, they’ve been silenced. Big mistake. Bring the KVJ show back and bring back the unique and interesting part of your station. Give the fans what they want, because let’s face it, your station sucks without them.

    Pissed off listener refusing to tune into this station until the KVJ show is back

  14. Monique FILIPIAK says

    95.5 please rescue the KVJ show from there terrible decision. We need them to come back to WPB.

  15. Enrique says

    I LOVE the KVJ show a ton , but does anyone here understand that palm beach listeners numbers dont count in the Miami market? If you check out the Neilsen ratings and trends , their show is LOW rated not even in the top 12 Morning drive shows in the market.. WFLC actually was doing worse when they came to the market.. Its great to fight for what you believe in BUT you all need to look at the grey area , no ratings = no show, hopefully they get their situation sorted out

  16. Nancy says

    We love and support you KVJ!!!! I wish there was something we could do to help you guys…

  17. CJ says

    Thank you for telling the truth and bringing this to the public, Jose! What is happening to this show is horrible… And whats worse is the station still has not addressed ANYTHING. Give YOUR listeners what THEY want and put KVJ back on the air. I’ve read so many negative comments regarding them being taken off, not one positive comment.. Makes no sense..

  18. Lisa says

    We want Kevin, Virginia and Jason back on the treasure coast!!
    Please come back!!! We miss facebook fishing and missed connections on craigslist.
    Come back!!!

  19. weatherman says

    so Who knows the REAL reason they left 95.5? Are you Guys just Speculating KVJ were the Greedy ones who jumped ship? Maybe it was 95.5 that “showed them the door”. I would think it was cheaper for them to rebroadcast Elvis Duran in the AM than pay the salaries of the KVJ crew… Anyone know the REAL truth? Jose? In the meantime- they should be trying to come back to the Palm Beaches. It’s a better fit than the Miami market. They are Gringos trying too hard to be Latin (sorry Andrea). Bubba the Love Sponge who has a very entertaining Morning Show couldn’t make it in Miami either. I think it’s a cultural thing… I don’t know. Maybe 97.9 could bring them in.. Or 95.5 again??? They need to come back North to be successful. Bottom line.

  20. Steve says

    They need to come back North again. The Miami market is not a good fit.

    The Miami Cuban demographic is not into the dry-humor and sarcastic style of the KVJ show. Ever known a funny Cuban person? Me neither.