EXCLUSIVE — More Humiliation For Justin Bieber in Miami Lawsuit!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, skateboarding at 5 a.m. earlier this week in North Miami (Splash News photo)

MIAMI — Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel on Friday ordered pop star Justin Bieber to answer in writing a 10-page questionnaire sent to him by the lawyers of the Miami Beach photographer who’s suing Bieber.

Among other things, the 20-year-old singer of Eenie Meenie has to catalog all legal claims and lawsuits ever filed against him.

Worse: Bieber must reveal every personal email accounts and cellphone numbers he was using when his bodyguards allegedly assaulted paparazzo Jeffery Binion last June.

Oh yes, there’s more: Mark DiCowden, Binion’s attorney, also wants the phone numbers of all his friends and bodyguards at the scene of the alleged attack and at the Miami Heat playoff game earlier the previous day.

Sounds like a lot of people are going to have to change their cellphone numbers soon since the questionnaire will be public, just like all other documents in the file.

Bieber’s lawyers were unsuccessful in shielding the superstar from responding to DiCowden.

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    • Registered Independent says

      Seems Bieber’s 5 attorneys are milking him for all they can in this case. They should advise him to fess up and take his medicine like a good little boy. And I’m not talking about his self medicating Sizzurp …