EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach’s Twin Power Yoga Studios Close . . . Sexy Twin Owners’ Mug Shots Pop up!

Allison and Ann Dadow

Alison and Ann Dadow, in promotional material for Twin Power Yoga (via Facebook)

WEST PALM BEACH — Palm Beach County’s two Twin Power Yoga studios mysteriously closed in late March, and dozens of yoga fans have been left holding the bag!

The owners, impossibly blond identical twins Ann and Alison Dadow, have not returned calls or emails from irate customers as they open a new studio in Park City, Utah.

Oh, the sexy yoga instructors are visible online, mind you . . . among booking photos.

Ann (left) and Alison Dadow, owners of the now-shuttered Twin Power Yoga studios in Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach (Utah State Imnates photos)

Ann (left) and Alison Dadow, owners of the now-shuttered Twin Power Yoga studios in Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach (Utah State Imnates photos)

The Dadow twins, 35, are accused of conducting themselves like boozy terrors in the Salt Lake City area: Both were arrested in at least five separate alcohol-related incidents since November, according to Utah records!

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive.

Former users of the Twin Power studio on Clematis (above Duffy’s) in West Palm Beach and Don Ross Road in Palm Beach Gardens say they have not been reimbursed for Twin Power Yoga memberships paid as much as a year in advance.

So, they’ve taken to Facebook to warn their Utah counterparts not to join the new studio.

The Dadows, by the way, opened in PBG in 2008 and WPB in 2011, when The Palm Beach Post saluted their “dogged commitment” to the area.

Gossip Extra, meanwhile, tracked down the not-so-Zen twins’ whereabouts in several jails throughout Utah.

Alison, according to court records, got arrested Dec. 9 after a car crash in Salt Lake City. Charges: DUI, fleeing the scene of an accident and driving without proof of insurance. A month later, on Jan. 10, she spend another night in jail. Charges: Disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

The cases are pending.

As for Ann, her latest brush with the Boys in Blue occurred March 21, 2014, near Ogden, Utah. Charges: Assault on a police officer, public intoxication, interfering with a police officer and disorderly conduct.

Records show she was also charged with public intoxication and interfering with an arrest on Nov. 14; DUI accident and driving with a revoked license on Dec. 22.

All of Ann’s cases are pending.

Neither twin has replied to emails for comment, and no one picks up the phone when we call their new studio in Park City.




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  1. CM says

    i used to work for these crazy bitches and i can tell you it was nothing but emotional abuse, and accusations. they finally got what they deserved. karma is a bitch hahaha

  2. EX Teacher... Thank GOD says

    This is sad because the addiction gene is apparent, however they are abusive they don’t practice what they preach and are swindlers. They most certainly have Borderline Personality Disorder. Faculty meetings were painful and they are very narcissistic even when they were sober… I was so glad to quit TPY… They fired so many loved teachers and ruined their studios because of their huge egos.. Exactly what they tell you to leave outside their studio…. Sober or not sober they simply are not nice girls. Their video on their facebook is absurd and not what yoga is about. They truly want to be reality stars. I pray that they never will be!

  3. Allover4u says

    WOW……..the before and after photos are unreal. They are both wicked ugly! Ugggghhhhh…

  4. Marion O says

    I worked for these ladies for almost two years. And mental abuse, accusations and demeaning to their employees are just a few things from the list we all have. Their teacher training is a physic evaluation and a way to control their students. Me being a manager for those years was painful and my friends and family and co workers know the emotional pressure they put me and others under. I had to close down their North studio and it was crazy. They lied about opening a new studio in the North studio and caused so much havoc. And continued to lie once I transferred back to the South studio. Until the abuse got so bad I had to leave. And just a few months ago they contacted me and begged me to come back to manage the South studio. Boy am I glad I listened to my gut and not the $ they were promising me. When I heard they had someone go in at night and clean out the studio under cover, it didn’t shock me at all. It’s the way they are. They seriously have me gal issues and I truly will never feel bad for them. They are selfish and fake. And my heart pokes out to the students who got royally screwed by them. The stories could go on and on. They are con artists fake and abusive. And karma finally came around and clearly is sticking around. Thank good for karma right. I smell a class action law suit!!!

  5. says

    I Knew from the beginning that this was not going to work out for the community from the very beginning, when I would see these twins out side the window or glass door of the Gym were I was teaching in the same plaza of their North Studio even before they opened their doors, writing down my entire class format.
    I felt A really bad and competitive vibe coming from this women, freaky like.
    My students would report to me saying that they just tried a class identical to mine next door.
    I would smile and think is all good, just glad I could be of service. Moral of the story. Don’t wish anything bad.
    But the law of cause and effect NEVER FAILS. They are the living proof.
    Yoga is a spiritual practice, were body, mind and breath flow in unison. Not meant to work you ass off,
    or Rock & Roll under extreme artificial heating apparatus. Om Love

  6. Why am I not surprised? says

    Spoiled brats. I wonder who’s been enabling this self-indulgent behavior all these years? Who’s going to bail them out of this one now? Nothing like burning your bridges and throwing it all away. Talk about devolving and going in a downward spiral — didn’t take long. Unbelievable. Maybe there’s a rehab reality show in their future. They believed their own BS and were living in la-la land. Tough time making it thru the 12 Steps because they could never admit they were wrong nor make amends. What a joke.

  7. Eye4Eye says

    For All Concerned Individuals: Alison and Ann (Anna) Dadow are living with Lonnie Dickerson at 3798 North Mountainoak Drive, Eden, Utah 84310-9835. They would like people to believe they are living in Park City, Utah but they are not. I hope this information helps you all get your lawsuits served on them and get some of the money you are owed.