VIDEO — Only in Florida: Cops ID Topless, Thong-Wearing Lena Dunham Lookalike Who Destroyed a McDonald’s!

topless woman in McDonald's

Police finally ID the topless woman who went berserk in a McDonald’s in Pinellas Park (YouTube photo)

flag-OMGPINELLAS PARK — The footage went viral in, like, 30 seconds:

A chubby lady who, on surveillance video below, strangely looks like Girls star Lena Dunham goes on a topless rampage in a McDonald’s near St. Petersburg — then stuffs her face with soft ice cream directly from the dispenser!

Only in Florida, boys and girls!

There was doubt at first that the video of the enraged thong-wearing woman knocking a cash register to the ground then attacking a fridge behind the counter of the Pinellas Park restaurant was real.

Well, sadly enough, it is. And the incident occurred March 24.

The lady was ID’ed as Sandra Suarez, 41, a local. Police say Suarez just walked into the burger joint topless and wearing only a thong but went berserk when employees asked her to get dressed.

She was arrested after she allegedly lunged at officers, and taken to a local hospital. She was NOT found to be under the influence of booze or drugs, but she’s believed to suffer from a mental illness.

Still, cops placed her under arrest, and charged her with criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Hard to see from the video, but she’s alleged to have caused more than $10,000 in damages in about two minutes.

By the way, two McDonald’s employees who leaked the surveillance tapes were canned this week.

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