EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach Billionaire Jeff Greene Sued . . . Contractors Seek Foreclosure on Mansion!

Jeff Greene and Rod Stewart

Jeff Greene (left) and rocker Rod Stewart at a charity dinner in Palm Beach (Mike Jachles photo)

PALM BEACH — At a time when The Palm Beach Post deemed local billionaire Jeff Greene “the next Henry Flagler for his $250 million-land buying spree, two local contractors have started foreclosure actions against his posh Palm Beach house.

It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive!

The plaintiffs are among a number of contractors and subcontractors who claim Greene has yet to pay them in full for work on the two-year remodeling of 1200 S. Ocean Boulevard.

Greene, 59, No. 235 in Forbes‘ list of the 400 richestAmericans, hired a Miami lawyer to review the hundreds of invoices issued on the multi-million dollar reconstruction.

Jeff Greene's house in Palm Beach

Foreclosure? Billionaire Jeff Greene’s house at 1200 S. Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach (MLS photo)

That attorney, Stuart Grossman, has been going back and forth with some of the contractors. He says the unhappy ones are just “a minuscule” fraction of those who worked on the project who were made whole.

“Any subcontractors that have not been paid are, among other things, the subject of disputed billing, inadequate workmanship, and/or failure to follow the contractual terms,” Grossman wrote in an email.

Electric contractor Lewis H. Green & Associates filed a foreclosure lawsuit that claims that $72,052 of its $1.5 million-contract signed in 2011 have yet to be paid.

And Roofing Unlimited filed for foreclosure in March, claiming it’s owed $77,128 from the $438,023-job.

West Palm Beach attorney Michael Monchick, who reps Lewis H. Green, said he’s never seen anything like what Greene is doing in 40 years of construction law.

“It could be a case of economic coercion,” Monchick said. “I bet he (Greene) has been successful at lowering some of the bills by using this technique, so he figures he’ll give it a try. Until someone kicks back.”




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  1. Yacht Guy says

    True pond scum, Greene has done the same thing for years at his Sag Harbor compound, Wear the small guy down by litigation and non payment when all the contractor is trying to do is mostly meet his payroll.

  2. YQue says

    Rich Fucks continue to screw the working man. Anything new here, except the lengths this dipshit will sink to?

    Some contractors are a little high on the bill, i will say. But this appears to be an ongoing thing with jeff greene.

  3. Boynton Steve says

    Hey YQue! He’s only 235 on the list. Settle down. He’ll pay when he’s in the top 100. Makes sense.

    • TDE yacht & motorsports Museum says

      Terrific, Trump pulled the same act when he purchased “Mar a Largo.” .SCREWED MOST OF THE MOM AND POP local restoration shops. My first Palm Beach in 1981 was next door 137 Woodbridge Rd. TIDE ferrari racing,

  4. TDE yacht & motorsports Museum says

    JOSE ALWAYS HAVE PROBLERMS get post on your site lately. TIDE ferrari racing, palm beach, tom I. davis,Jr.