EXCLUSIVE — Kid Rock’s Stars and Stripes Raise Eyebrows in Jupiter Inlet Colony!

Kid Rock's house

Kid Rock’s crib in Jupiter Inlet Colony: It’s the American way! (Gossip Extra photo)

JUPITER INLET COLONY — When Kid Rock bought an aging beachfront home in Jupiter Inlet Colony for $3.2 million two years ago, neighbors hoped he’d level the place and build something nice.

No such luck.

If anything, Kid Rock’s only home improvements are raising eyebrows in this sleepy town just north of Palm Beach.

There’s a 15-foot-wide American flag that covers the garage door.

And the fake plastic flowers hanging from the windows aren’t what the island’s residents had in mind!

Kid Rock

Kid Rock, in red-white-and-blue! (Splash News photo)

“Every time we pass by that house, we just roll our eyes,” said one neighbor who alerted Gossip Extra. “Nobody wants to do anything about it. After all, it’s the American flag!”

And that’s something surprising in the tiny town, where it’s hard to find one blade of grass taller than another!

The hard-partying rocker, who’s playing SunFest later this month in West Palm Beach, bought 11 Ocean Drive from medical books writer Elke H. Kwapinski, who had died of natural causes in the 1959-house.

Kid Rock's house

Kid Rock’s house in Jupiter Inlet Colony: No what the neighbors expected! (Gossip Extra photo)

In addition to putting his patriotism on display for everyone to see, the stringy-haired singer of American Badass and Cowboy is also famous for the company he’s been keeping.

Kid Rock’s thistight with former GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

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  1. Erik says

    I am sure there could be a lot worse things to concern everyone about then having the American Flag on a garage door. I don’t believe he spends too much time there anyway (regarding the company he keeps comment) – Just keep an open mind, I don’t see any big concern with anything listed here. Just wanted to comment.. Yes, I am a Kid Rock fan.. and check out how much he has done for Michigan and Detroit, Amazing!! Do some homework and realize would be an amazing neighbor to have! Thanks – Erik

    • Registered Independent says

      Much rather have Kid Rock as my neighbor than the illegals I have who have hung their american flag in a tree “upside down”. Just sayin ..

    • Pearl Sweatcakes says

      Right on -Erik–He is a Michigan Boy-first thing our Rock Boys do is buy homes-nothing wrong with that house-He uses his money for good things-not just fancying up the place to please the neighbors–you are lucky to have him –would you rather have Justin Beber? Shut up & ROCK!

  2. Allover4u says

    Kid’s house is in the same small enclave as Olivia Newton-Johns ‘suicide’ house. Yep, the neighborhood dodged a BIG bullet when the pig Rosie backed out of the sale.

  3. Gayle says

    Oh please…It’s a decent house and trust me…he’s a good guy who you are lucky to have around when he’s around. He cares about others…and shame on you all looking for bullshit to gossip about. Fake flowers..I doubt he put them there. Maybe a person who lived there before put them there. Who cares. The man rocks and gives back a million fold to community and others. Lay off.

  4. DAN SCHULTZ says


  5. Skee says

    I would like to say… I consider Kid Rock a friend even a brother. He gives back to the community in ways some would not believe. Do you actually think he would miss a step if he didn’t have a company such as Made In Detroit? I don’t think so. That company employs people from his community. It also gives to several organizations in and around the Detroit area. Let him be and see what “good” he will bring to your community. That 3.2 million he spent on his… Key word “HIS” property in Jupiter Inlet Colony could have been spent somewhere else. Please believe there could be someone doing worse things than painting an “American” flag on the garage door or putting fake flowers in the window. Kid do your thing sir. Keep doing what your doing and Thank you for all you do and all you have done.

  6. says

    It is his place he can do what ever the hell he want’s after all he is the Pimp of this nation Rock on Kidrock Red White And Blue
    he is the all AMERICAN BAD ASS let’s never for get this .