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EXCLUSIVE — Adam Sandler: I Bought My Mom a New Kitchen For Palm Beach Condo!


EXCLUSIVE — Adam Sandler: I Bought My Mom a New Kitchen For Palm Beach Condo!

Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson

Adam Sandler (right) with Jack Nicholson at an NBA game last month (Splash News photo)

HIGHLAND BEACH — Good boy, Adam Sandler!

In a move that would make The Waterboy‘s Bobby Boucher proud, the 47-year-old Sandler just bought his mom Judy a brand new kitchen, according to Palm Beach County construction records.

One difference with Boucher: The elderly Sandler widow lives in a fancy beachfront condo in Highland Beach — not a shack in the bayou!

Adam Sandler's mom Judy

Adam Sandler’s mom Judy (Splash News photo)

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: I’m told it set back the star of Grown Ups and Jack & Jill more than $100,000!

Records show Sandler’s momma lives at The Parker, an exclusive low-rise just south of Boca Raton. Sandler bought the 2,600-square-food place for his parents in 1999 for $640,000.

Dad Stanley passed away in 2003.

The Parker

The Parker in Highland Beach, where Adam Sandler’s mom Judy lives (MLS photo)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Morton Tapper

    October 5, 2017 at 9:10 am

    as an 86 year old male now awaiting whatever, I would like to express my appreciation to Adam Sandler for many, many moments of happy enjoyment. Today it is more and
    more difficult to maintain a sense of normality and faith in the things that
    heretofore were sacred. Thanks for YOUR “Giving”
    May God Bless you and yours!
    Morton Tapper

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