EXCLUSIVE — Howard Stern: $10 Million-Renovation in New $52 Million-Palm Beach House — For Wife’s Closet!

Howard Stern's Palm Beach house

Shock jock Howard Stern spent $52 million on this Palm Beach house in May (Special to Gossip Extra)

PALM BEACH — Radio star Howard Stern is spending between $8 million and $10 million on the renovation of the ocean-front mansion he just bought in Palm Beach for $52 million!

And the purpose for some of the construction work is to satisfy Stern’s model wife: She wanted a larger closet!

She’s going to get one that’s about 1,000 square feet! And for that to happen, a source who saw the blueprints tells me, workers will have to move the grand staircase to a different part of the 18,000-square-foot house.

Howard Stern and wife Beth

Howard Stern and wife Beth, last month at his birthday party (Splash News photo)

It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive: The judge of America’s Got Talent just hired Woolems general contractors in West Palm Beach for the work.

A work permit filed with Palm Beach County simply states “interior renovation” and “new roof.”

But for what the source tells me is between $8million and $10 million, Stern is going to get what could be one of the island’s grandest mansions.

“They’re changing the master suite, which is on the first floor,” the source said. “The suite includes his and her bathroom and his and her dressing areas.

“Beth wanted a bigger closet in her dressing area. There was no room for it downstairs, so they’re building a new staircase in the master suite that goes to a second-floor closet. The closet alone is supposed to be at least 1,000 square feet.”

The closet will set the satellite radio host back $500,000!

To accommodate the change, major work will have to be done on the first floor. And while they’re at it, the Sterns are building a brand new kitchen and roof.

Gossip Extra broke the story in May: After trying to find a mansion in the Jupiter-Palm Beach Gardens area, the Sterns bought 601 North County Road, next door to billionaire investment fund manager Nelson Peltz.

Howard and the wife started looking for contractors at Christmas and returned in late January to sign off on the work.

Stern’s agent has not returned calls for comment.




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  1. John Daniels says

    A washed up old Pelican and a Gold digger. Nobody listens to that crappy radio show anymore

    • AFV007 says

      Howard Stern is the greatest entertainer who’s ever lived. And if by “nobody” you mean 7,000,000 daily listeners sticking with him 5 hours a day then you’re right, nobody listens.

      • Mike G says

        What in the world is wrong with you hardcore Stern fans? Why would you defend that hypocritical sleazebag? He hates you. He scams you and tells you so many lies he can’t even keep them all straight. It’s not even a guilty pleasure anymore- just a boring cash grab. That reminds of last night’s episode of The Bachelor….

      • EvolvedMarbles says

        Stick with him 5 hours a day? The show comes on nearly 10 minutes after the hour, takes a break every hour, has re-re-recycled bumpers for 10 minutes after the breaks, Robins news is now peppered w live read commercials and like clockwork the show punches out at 10am. When they’re even on the air! Bait and switch contract shakedown of fans who followed the Everyman, until he went star-effing when he’s not revising his broadcast history.

        • Janne swede says

          Thank god for old shows from the 90ies available on the net..
          Ive noticed I smile/laugh more often to those than 2012–>

  2. Debbie says

    And they want people to donate for the Fat Dogs Friends extension at the scam charity HQ.

  3. RobertABoey says

    Why doesn’t he spend that money to build his animal shelter instead of begging his fans to buy a really poorly done calendar?

  4. Bobby Kazan says

    Howard Stern circa 2006: Beth has no interest in becoming famous. She is not into expensive things. She would love me if I wasn’t famous. #3 forgotten daughters

  5. says

    Why should his agent comment ? You’re so silly most ppl redo there homes ,that home was last sold in 1987 ..updates are needed.. You should be happy he is using local contractors .. keeping ppl working.. gossip monger …in the olden days you would be called a fish women ..or a Sh*tstirrer …

  6. Gary_Puppet says

    First this jerk off files a $300 million lawsuit against his employer but loses and whines like a little bitch. Gets them to throw him a “6oth birthday bash”. Pays $52 million for Pelican Manor South and drops another $10 million so his trophy wife can have a larger closet. And has the balls to beg his listeners to buy a crappy calendar featuring Beth and her huge man hands, thunder thighs and dopey joker like grin while she holds onto animoes.

    No wonder his kids cant stand them and moved away to Israel and Vietnam.

    It’s all true. Don’t believe me? Just google it.

    • billie says

      You’re so wrong in so many ways. Your proof for all the hate you spread is to tell people to google it. Yes, becsuse everything on the internet is accurate and google is a source. You see things through your hater filter and nothing will change that. Sirius would be out of business without him and they did screw him on the subscriber bonus that was a part of his contract. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes. What matters is that a contract is a contract and Sirius gave that money to their board instead of him….all while 70% of Sirius/XM subscribers listen to his channels on a regular basis.

      Look how you tear him apart and then attack his wife. Let’s have a look at you, gorgeous? What an awful person you are to say such things about someone you don’t know of and never will…and look how witty and mean you are….hiding behind a screen name and your anonymity.

      Why do you care so much about what they do? Why do you despise him so? Who cares if they’re putting in a bigger closet? Howard works in his closet on Long Island…he has art and mementos hanging on the walls inside his closet. They wanted more room….what’s it to you? And why believe this article anyway? Oh right…because it fuels your hatred for this man, how children and his wife.

  7. anarchess says

    How dare them beg people to pay for the Beff’s vanity project for cats! Their conspicuous consumption shows them to be the worst kind of nouveau-riche. Have a nice life Howard with your wig and trophy wife. Without your money she’d never give you a second look and you damned well know it. Ego stopped you from leaving when your legacy was worth something. You should have been paying US to listen to the crap you talk about at this point. I only see a few asskissers who fawn over you and the horsewife on Twitter. You are still disliked, but now it’s by the very people who supported you all these years, you hypocrite. Evolved my ass, you p-whipped fool.

    • billie says

      Wow…..what a creep you are. Why would you say such hateful things about someone you’ve never met and never will. Millions of people love him and listen to him daily…whether it’s a live show or a special. If you listen on the Sirius app, there are no commercials and with the wrap up show, it’s always over 4 and a half hours without commercials. They have a ton of original content and those of us that enjoy him don’t mind that he has to take a commercial break after interviewing Paul McCartney, Whoopi Goldberg or Jerry Seinfeld for 90 minutes. You might have hated the calendar and hate his wife…..he doesn’t rip off his fans like Rush and O’Reilly do….pushing products with their names plastered on it. I was happy to make the donation to such a fantastic cause…what’s it to you? I love animals and love Howard and support him 100% and I’m sorry that you have so much hate toward him. It’s not healthy. He’s a guy that speaks up on behalf of those he’s passionate about….and I appreciate him for that.

  8. brandystar says

    These are the people that are begging everyone else to donate 7 million $ for a cage free annex to the North Shore Animal League , named after their dead dog. Sounds like they should be donating to their own charity , not nagging their fans and friends !

  9. Grumpy says

    Good story!
    But… please check your sources before referring to Mrs. Stern as a model!
    Try to find work that isn’t a self-promo or strongly influenced/paid for by Howard, and you’ll come up with little other than an Ames ad (Ames = a now-failed discount retailer, a K-Mart type place), some god-awful plus-size lingerie, a few hairstyle posters from the 80s — and the high point of her pre-Howard career was her appearance in the HABAND Sunday-insert ads! Lime green Calcutta cloth pants for “mature” women… Wowie, that’s some model!!
    And please don’t fall for the “animal activist” propaganda the Sterns spew while flaunting all sorts of leather outfits and furnishings!!

  10. isabella says

    so typical of howard who is probably one of the phoniest and most hypocritical men in america. while he’s whining and begging for money from his fans to pay for a ridiculous addition for cats at his wife’s vanity charity in NY he goes and blows $10,000,000 for an obscenely frivolous “closet” for his make-believe wife.

    palm beach is a town of much excess, howard and his “wife” have brought vulgarity to a new level. sad thing is he’s so ashamed of this profligate spending he’s never even mentioned on his satellite show that he bought a house in florida…and a $52,000,000 house with 19,000 sq ft.
    vile, absolutely hideous and vile.

    • OK says

      `.Am I wrong or does Mother Teresa spend all her time throwing stones or uses that energy helping.Can squak like a raven or sing like a song bird,U choose.

  11. JoJonesin says

    Pretty shameful considering he constantly mentions how no one on his staff makes much $$. 10 mil for a closet and he has long time employees (with key positions) that can’t afford to live in a middle class neighborhood. His wife’s closet money

  12. onion-pan says

    Get mad about frackers and poluters get really rich.Not Sports kid,rappers and the few with talent.H S opened some eyes,so what didyou do?

  13. Abrra says

    Every other comment is repeating the same jealousy over Howard’s success. When you earn as much as he has, you all can do as you please. Just like Howard is doing now.

  14. Lorraine Jones says

    What a bunch of haters. Howard brings entertainment to his listeners daily . What the hell makes him any different from anyone else who have climbed the ladder to success. All the other stars and royalty have their charities they plug. At least Howard and Beth push a charity for abandoned and abused animals. I’m sure they have given millions to their charity. Climb down off your high horses and let him live his life the way he wants. He has earned his bucks.

  15. says


  16. curtis smith says

    He the best he gets alot money becouse so many people love him he speeks what others wont.He deserves what ever he gets.If you are all uptight or a bitch you dont like him.

  17. Babbabooey says

    Wow, sounds like Jacky the unemployed Jokeman has written these comments!

    A. Who cares what he spent his money on
    B. He has a huge Hamptons house that is easily worth what the Palm Beach estate is worth, so he has lived in mansions like this for years
    C. Houses in Flariduh age quickly, so to spend 15-20% remodeling a 10-15 year old house is nothing. If you had a 50k condo, that would be like spending $7500-10,000 remodeling it….BFD!