EXCLUSIVE — WPLG Anchor Jason Martinez Tweets He’s Quitting — While on The Air!

Jason Martinez

WPLG-Channel 10 morning and news anchor Jason Martinez is on his last day on the job! (Facebook photo)

PEMBROKE PARK — WPLG-Channel 10 morning and noon anchorman Jason Martinez abruptly tweeted that he’s leaving the station during his broadcast this morning.

Martinez, 34, who was hired in 2010 to sprinkle younger talent into an aging staff, came on the air at 4:30 a.m. — then tweeted at 5:36 a.m. that it would be his last newscast:

Martinez isn’t returning calls, and neither his Twitter nor Facebook accounts give fans a clue on why he quit, and where he’s going.

He came to South Florida’s ABC affiliate from Tinseltown’s KTLA.

UPDATE: Jason Martinez explains the reasons for his departure!

And the area’s been good to Martinez.

In addition to a prized job, Martinez got the girl.

He’s hooked up with former Miss Florida Lissette Garcia.

Jason Martinez and Lissette Garcia

WPLG’s Jason Martinez with his galpal, former Miss Florida Lissette Garcia (Facebook photo)

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  1. ray says

    Sorry to hear that Jason has quit the Channel 10 Family. He was a breath of fresh air. Not sure why he left but for me I’m not happy with a lot there commentators. Especially the Weather people. They just can’t seem to get it right. The only other person I care to watch is Christie Crouger, not sure that is spelled right, but I will only tune in to see her at this point. Good Luck Jason wherever you go. Your smile was worth getting up for.

  2. Mary says

    Loyal fan for many years. I stopped watching last year when you hired that talentless excuse for a weather person Julie Durda and got rid of Scott and switched around Kristi. I will not watch Julie Durda! Now Jason has left?? He was THE talent of the morning team! Your program has just imploded! Good luck! You just could not leave a good thing alone! The best group was Jason, Kristi and Scott!!

    CBS 4 is my station now…and has been for the last year.

    • Sheri says

      I believe you are correct. Things have not been the same. The dream team was Jason, Christie and Scott !

  3. gloria says

    I stopped watching, as well. Jason lent professionalism to a show that looks like a group of call girls and strippers are presenting weather, traffic and news. The traffic presenter wears clothes that are too tight and unprofessional. The pathetic Julie Durda is a total embarrassment. Can’t get the weather right or explain it, has trouble finding a spot to stand (although she does a good Vanna White wave) and dresses like a hooker.

    If this station wants to be relevant and news organization that carries credibale weight, they need to dump their current group of possers and hire real professionals.

  4. Garrett Starnes says

    It was a sad day when Kristi left the morning news, she was the last of a great crew. Jason Martinez was a step in the right direction, then you brought in Julie Durda to replace Scott, dumb move. I don’t think she has gotten a single weather prediction right yet. It should have sent up red flags when channel 7 was willing to get rid of her so early. To be honest your downfall started when Calvin moved to the evening news, Jason was a great replacement but then you guys lost Jayce and Scott. You continued your downward spiral by losing Kristi and now Jason. What happened, your station used to be the “respectful” news station. Now I have to find another news program for my morning routine. Hell, I might even try channel 7, at least they were smart enough to get rid of Julie. I actually like Jen Herrera (not sure it’s spelled right) so I’m hoping she’s able to jump ship before it goes completely under.


    From The Bahamas

    Both the traffic and the weather announcer are queens of mistakes plus their cloths are too low and exposes too much of their breast. Sometimes their dresses looks like blouses