EXCLUSIVE — Lamar Odom: I’m Making $17,000-a-Month . . . From my Miami House!

Lamar Odom's Pinecrest House

Lamar Odom’s Pinecrest house: Rented, for $17,000 a month! (MLS photo)

PINECREST — Troubled basketball star Lamar Odom managed to find a tenant for his suburban Miami mansion, Gossip Extra has learned — someone who’s paying $17,000 A MONTH for the crib!

Odom, 34, put the mansion in the fancy village of Pinecrest up for rent in October, and recently found someone with enough lettuce to inhabit it.

The property’s listing agent declined to identify the tenant.

Lamar Odom's home theater

Lamar Odom’s Pinecrest house: the home theater (MLS photo)

But the lease comes at the right time for the former Miami Heat star: Odom hasn’t had an NBA salary in almost a year, and he’s got a $2 million-mortgage on the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom house, according to Miami-Dade County records.

The records show Odom, who now plays in Spain, bought the place for $3 million in 2003, shortly after he was traded to the Heat.

Odom, whose drug use may have cost him his NBA career last summer, eventually was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers but he’s kept the house through thick and thin.

Odom is married to chubby reality TV star Khloe Kardashian. She filed for divorce.

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  1. A Bliss Brown says

    Strange to rent so late in the season. I wonder what that comes down to per square foot against the local average — or any average.

  2. Allover4u says

    More like talentless chubby fame whore. That ass on Chloe is not much either, much like her ugly mug. While it’s not as hideous (big round and HUGE) as Kimmie’s it’s still not one that many would turn around and look at as it went by.