EDITORIAL — Isn’t it Time For TMZ to Quit Sucking up to Justin Bieber?

Harvey Levin (left) and Justin Bieber (Gossip Extra collage)

Harvey Levin (left) and Justin Bieber (Gossip Extra collage)

MIAMI — TMZ’s Harvey Levin to try and pull his head out of Justin Bieber’s butt.

It’s way up there, and Harvey’s losing track of reality.

Ever since Bieber was charged with DUI on his own admission he’d been smoking weed in Miami Beach Jan. 23, TMZ has been on a campaign to embarrass Miami Beach Police and Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

And it’s looked downright silly doing it.

Since the incident, the Los Angeles website has claimed that: Bieber was not under the influence, then barely under the influence; Bieber wasn’t drag racing; Miami Beach Police falsified their own report; the cop who got Bieber is a bad cop; and the site revealed the state attorney’s attempt to get Bieber into a routine pre-trial intervention program offered to all first time would-be perpetrators.

Never mind that these negotiation aren’t supposed to be conducted in public.

So, what going on here?

It’s called damage control — and TMZ‘s a willing participant!

First, Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, has been calling dozens of Miami Beach people involved with the incident, I’m told.

Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager (Splash News photo)

Braun, and Bieber’s lawyers, have asked for documents, tapes, videos, GPS records and even pulled out the arresting officers’ work records.

Then Braun personally grilled sources.

And when Scooter received kernels of information, he called TMZ with them.

In essence, he did his job.

But Braun also has been allowed to lead the TMZ’s coverage of his client.

That’s like a homeowner giving a burglar the keys to his front door!

What’s TMZ’s motivation in taking to spoon-feeding like a hungry six-month-old?

Well, TMZ made Bieber – and Bieber news creates heavy traffic for any website, including Gossip Extra.

In trying to pollute our jury pool and spewing out whathever non-sense it’s fed, TMZ is merely protecting its franchise.

Believe it or not, Bieber’s hangers-on are on the phone with TMZ several times a day – and even report negative stories about the guy instantly to the website.

Whether they have Bieber’s blessing to do this is left to speculation, although I bet they do.

Yes, Bieber is that dumb — although even extremely negative stories these days sell music and movies.

As for TMZ, they’ll continue trying to discredit gratuitously everyone in Miami Beach who’s not Bieber.

We just hope readers will be outraged by TMZ‘s shoddy, dishonest work — and pick local, proven, accurate and legitimate news organization for their Bieber news!

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  1. Rowan says

    (Typo corrected)


    I hope you can back up your claims about TMZ or else probably a lot of this is slander.

    Why shouldn’t they pull the arresting officers’ records? If he’s got a dirty record, Miami citizens should know about it too. Furthermore he shouldn’t be working on the force.

    Unless you’re saying Miami tolerates that?

    There’s also really no need to take this Miami v Los Angeles mind-set into this case. Everything is so freaking territorial with Americans.

    You’re just pushing your site as better than TMZ, are you not Gossip Extra? So, why blame them if they do the same?

    I’ve read a lot of your coverage on Bieber and it’s very anti, so don’t make out you’re coming with neutral, clean hands. You’ve been all over that video deposition business/Binion like flies and your narrative don’t cut Bieber no slack.

    So, why complain if another site takes a stance? For you to have a right to compain Gossip Extra, you need to be taking no stance at all. But you’re not doing that.

    I also highly doubt Bieber is okaying stories. His people perhaps, but I doubt it’s him. They don’t get that involved superstars. Too busy posting selfies.

    If the law is equal, treat Bieber the same. Stop obsessing over him.

    Surely there are others in the penal system who require your attention Gossip Extra?

    • Jose Lambiet says

      You must be in the biz, Rowan. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Yes, I’d be the first to pull cops’ records. I actually do it when I get a ticket. But TMZ’s doing it for the wrong reason, not in the search for truth. And yes, I can back up everything. Cheers, Rowan.

      • Rowan says

        I am. I also appreciate your coverage, in particular yours.

        But Miami PD, with all due respect may be playing a little – a lot – fast and loose with Bieber, going by statements in the police report.

        Clearly Braun is fighting for his boy, and lets face it, not a lot of people are.

        I just hope this trial ( if it goes to that) will be conducted with some semblance of integrity and an acknowledgment of the fact that Bieber is not the first and last get a DUI.

        There’s no need to destroy his life over this.

  2. Registered Independent says

    It’s been said, Weitzman has a grip on TMZ. Fortunately, we have a jury system that will ultimately decide Bieber’s guilt or innocence. That is, if he doesn’t plea it down. No matter how good Bieber’s PR team is, I don’t think they can clean up the mess he’s made. There are too many other Celebrity websites willing to report what TMZ won’t or can’t. Bieber hasn’t made a lot of new friends in the media industry the last year or so.

    • Rowan says

      Lets not turn this into a death penalty crime.
      It’s a d**k move getting in a car impaired, but teenagers and adults around the world do it.
      They get busted, they move on.
      If we’re really saying Bieber is equal under the law – because, yes, all those news outlets requested to see Sharieff’s urination video too right? – then let him plead, fight, but lets not destroy this kid over this.

      A feeding frenzy, and the US does these so well, is not justice.

        • Rowan says

          But they didn’t.

          And there was no danger of that happening at 27 mph in an allegedly closed off street.

          The truth of what happened on January 23 will unfold regardless of attempts by either side to present only what they want. There is too much scrutiny for it to be otherwise.

          My concern is that this case is being used to batter Justin beyond the remit of the punishment, attention and focus this case actually deserves, simply because of his fame. And there seems to be absolutely no understanding, recognition or care about that in the pursuit of clicks, scoops and peer prestige.

          So, for me, worries about the ruffled feathers of a possibly very dirty cop, a state attorney who should be concerned about that, and media outlet fighting comes a poor second to the human costs of what’s happening.

          We do this every time, and we know where it’s heading. Forget Harvey Levin and his possible relationship with Braun – ALL media outlets have relationships with entertainment industry names. It’s not unusual.

          I always have to say Roy Black will run a fair defense if given a chance to. He is known for it.

          And Miami citizens can rest assured of that.

          • Tim says

            Thank you to Rowan. Finally someone with his head screwed on and a conscience.

            If only more people were like this.

  3. ivan says

    the corruption in the police force over the years in Miami is a matter of public record. Scores of cops have been arrested over the years for conduct unbecoming of police officers. For example, many years ago over 36 cops got in trouble for speeding. Some in excess of 100 miles an hour; others have been disciplined, arrested, suspended or jailed. Also, it is a fact Justin’s arresting office has a history of bad behavior as a police offcer being suspended several times. Furthermore what purpose is served by having them release Bieber’s pics and videos besides making him look bad to win their case as well as humiliate him in front of any potential jury? Finally, TMZ is no friend of Justin; they have been responsible for much of the negative publicity he has gotten resulting in the hate he gets mostly from white males as can be seen in the pics and comments in gossip sites-this kid is being nationally abused.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      I worked for tabloids for three long years. I know how things work in this biz. Biebs lawyers meet with Scooter and his people, and they mapped out a strategy. They picked one gullible outfit to be their water carrier. They picked TMZ with the express goal of muddying the jury pool in case of a trial. Thing is, there shouldn’t be a trial. He’s a first time offender, and the state attorney has a package for all first offenders. It’s standard.

      • Rowan says

        These are excellent points.

        Why do you think they won’t take the DUI Diversion drive?

        Drug tests?

        I hear what’s you’re saying about TMZ, but everybody knows the nature of that beast. I am not sure they want to tamper with the jury.

        I think they want to lead the news cycle, which they do, which in some ways, in the same thing!