EXCLUSIVE — John Goodman Intrigue: Ex-Prosecutor Ellen Roberts Leaving Victim’s Law Firm!

Ellen Roberts

Then-prosecutor Ellen Roberts during the first John Goodman trial in early 2012 (AP/Pool photo)

WEST PALM BEACH — Just as polo mogul John Goodman is fighting a second trial for his involvement in the death of another motorist, the woman who had Goodman convicted of DUI manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years behind bars is making news.

Former prosecutor Ellen Roberts is leaving the private law firm that hired her after the Goodman trial.

Incidentally, the firm of Lytal Reiter Smith Ivey & Fronrath, where she worked for a little more than a year, also represented the father of Goodman’s victim, Scott Wilson, in the family’s civil lawsuit against Goodman. Goodman and his insurance carrier are believed to have paid more than $46 million in a settlement.

In time, Goodman who won a new trial, which could take place in the spring.

Roberts, meanwhile, says they’re no drama in her leaving Lytal Reiter — despite rumors that she may not be leaving on her own volition.

The 26-year prosecutor says she prefers criminal work, she says, and is about to start her own firm and teach.

“Civil law is not very exciting,” Roberts tells me on her last day at Lytal Reiter. “I’m opening my own firm with (her ex-husband) Gary Roberts.

“And what I really want to do is teach.”

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  1. Really???? says

    I am only surprised that Scott Smith Did not remove her earlier. Roberts was really making his firm look bad. They need to get rid of her otherwise they are probably guilty too.

  2. OMG says

    This proves snelgrove and roberts were in on it. I guess the civil lawyers will be trying to remove themselves from this PR nightmare. So I guess Roberts, snelgrove and Bentley are the corrupt parties?

  3. OWK says

    This wouldn’t happen to be the very same Gary Roberts who walked out on Ellen with his much younger secretary all those years ago would it?