PHOTOS — Simon Cowell Shows Off Hairy Moobs, Sunburns!

Simon Cowell and his family

Burned to a crisp! Fair-skinned American Idol founder Simon Cowell is out in South Beach with baby mama Lauren Silverman and their newborn (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH — Simon Cowell was just caught doing his best shirtless Justin Bieber impersonation in South Beach.

Except: The silly Brit founder of American Idol and The X-Factor is also displaying a nasty case of the man boobs — and he obviously is in dire need of sun block.

Cowell arrived over the weekend with baby mama Lauren Silverman, the Miami Beach socialite who still was the wife of Cowell’s best bud six months ago, and their newborn Eric.

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman and their newborn

Former AI judge Simon Cowell and his growing family, stroll alongside the beach in Miami Beach (Splash News photo)

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  1. Blackjack says

    You can tell they think their better than any one else! Wonder how long it will last and if he ever marry’s her..