BREAKING NEWS — Mia Farrow in Palm Beach: Woody Allen Has No Respect For What’s Sacred!

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow in Palm Beach: “I apologize to my children!” (Splash News photo)


PALM BEACH — Actress Mia Farrow talked about her relationship with embattled film director Woody Allen and the renewed buzz about alleged sex abuse at her appearance before a Palm Beach group yesterday afternoon.

And in a surprisingly candid admission, she said she owes their children an apology!

Farrow, 69, was scheduled for a speech at The Society of Four Arts for months — way before her and Allen’s adult daughter Dylan wrote an open letter about alleged molestation she says Allen perpetrated on her.

But the renewed interest in Allen’s past as he is up for three Oscars Sunday for his Blue Jasmine made Farrow’s visit relevant.

Farrow, who starred in critically acclaimed movies like Rosemary’s Baby and Hannah and Her Sisters, was Allen’s companion for 13 years.

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow in 1986 (AP photo)

Together, they adopted two children and gave birth to two more.

“I spent many years with someone who had no respect for everything I hold sacred,” Farrow said of Allen yesterday, without mentioning him by name.

Allen, 78, has blamed Farrow for “planting” stories of sex abuse into Dylan’s mind.

“All I can say to my children is that I accept responsibility, and I ask them to forgive me for not seeing something so shocking,” Farrow told her Palm Beach audience.

Dylan, who’s now 28, lives in Coral Springs, just west of Fort Lauderdale.

Farrow, meanwhile, spent the rest of her hour-long chat discussing her role as UNICEF ambassador and visits to the world’s poorest countries. At times, she said, she witnessed genocides.

The actress also urged the mostly well-heeled audience members to find ways to help: “The most enduring joy in life (comes from) finding a way to give back to someone.”




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  1. says

    It is wonderful that Mia Farrow understands and accepts that she made a mistake, a big one, in not seeing what was happening to Dylan Farrow. Believe me, this recognition of the problem is the best thing that Farrow could do–it validates her daughter’s experiences and helps Dylan Farrow immensely.

    • lee says

      Mia is better off talking about her brother whose actually convicted of child molestation than yapping about Woody Allen who was NEVER CHARGED. much less convicted. If she’ll be such a bleeding heart– then address those boys her brother ruined. And did her brother affect her own kids. He is after all their uncle with total access to them.

  2. lee says

    ah the irony.. how easily she forgot she told Woody Allen –Ronan was his son & now, she alludes Sinatra is the father after taking Allen’s money in supporting them.

  3. gg says

    Come on Mia! Nobody believes you, everyone knows you brainwashed the poor girl. The people who have known you for years know the kind of person you are. Enough, you’re being pathetic, and what’s worse, you’r making your kids look pathetic.

    • Michael says

      She uses her children’s supposed victimhood as a badge of honor and self-aggrandizement.

      While I can understand her fury at Woody over the Soon-Yi issue, she was apparently messing around with Mr. Sinatra during their relationship as well. She is not a woman of honor. And the fact that her and her son have used this “abuse” scandal to promote Ronan’s new MSNBC show is disgusting. And IF – and I don’t believe I – her daughter was abused, one does not “tweet” and “self-promote” oneself is such a public, un-dignified manner, turning one’s life and family into so much gossip. A lack of class, dignity and intelligence is what plagues this woman.

      Incidentally, she gave Woody permission to use clips of her for his Academy Award presentation. Would you do that for a man who abused our 7 year old daughter??? Disgusting Mia.

      • lorjon says

        Mia won’t be happy until she totally destroys Woody and she’s still out there after all these years trying to do just that. Interesting that after she claimed he abused Dylan all those years ago, she still wanted and expected to star in his movies!

        • lee says

          that’s her frustration- she couldn’t destroy him– she’s the one who didn’t get major offers after the break up. I found Dylans letter so pointed & suspicious when she chastised Hollywood.. that’s Mia talking.

      • lee says

        check out this site– there’s a pic if Dylan & her husband smiling away as they were noticed by the papps..she looked so thrilled.. so her open letter had to do with getting media attention for herself.

  4. sherri says

    Funny how Mia forgets she had a affair with her friend Dory Previn’s husband then stole him by getting pregnant, but yet she also says Woody doesn’t respect anything sacred. I guess another persons marriage isn’t sacred in Mia’s world? The word hypocrite comes to mind.. Also after all these years she is proving to still be bitter about Woody and finding reasons to make negative comments about him as well as where is her morals in sleeping with Sinatra while he was married to Barbara and possibly conceiving Ronan while telling Woody its his kid?.. I’m not saying Woody is perfect either, but Mia needs to look in the mirror before throwing public stones.

  5. Louis Pearl says

    Wasn’t it Mia’s brother who was sentenced to jai in 2013 for having sex with underage boys…… Isn’t it Mia who has stood by convicted sexual molester Roman Polanski through thick and thin……and that “brilliant” kid of hers who talked about the innovations derived from the rebellions of youth at his commencement speech……what a brilliant rebellious boy, refusing to turn his cell phone off on aircraft carrier, despite pilot’s request…….HOW INSPIRING……..really Ronan???…… my day we protested the Vietnam War……

    • lee says

      it’s really interesting how Mia keeps quiet about her ped brother yet maligning Woody Allen every chance she gets.. Dylan was supposedly defiled by a finger yet t he docs found no evidence. Her brother molested boys for years– the 2 boys molested that placed him in prison were kids of her brothers neighbours who triusted him.
      How does Dylan & Ronan feel having a ped uncle? their mother’s blood brother– no skirting that one.

  6. Ken says

    I find it curious that Mia Farrow is faulted for Woody Allen’s marrying his step-daughter. What manner if man could have eyes for a child he helped raise. I bid you Woody Allen is a talented craftsman but there’s some lines in life you just don’t cross. Step-daughter? Really?

    • lee says

      Soon Yi is not his stepdaughter.. her name is soon yi previn. & Woody & Mia NEVER MARRIED.

  7. says

    I respect Mia Farrow so very much for being an incredible mother to all of her children, for being a true humanitarian and a gifted actress as well. In my opinion she was born to help others, to give, to care, to save lives, and she has tried to save many starving children all over the world. I think that she is a living, breathing angel on this earth! She is so dear and kind, so sweet, it is as though she has been dipped in honey! May God continue to Bless Ms. Farrow in all that she does for this world, and may she continue to be blessed with good health, much joy & happiness, Always! May God be with her Forever!

  8. Suzanne Robertson says

    What exactly is it that Mia Farrow holds sacred? What is she referring to when she says that she spent years with someone (Woody Allen) who does not “respect” what she holds sacred? I would LOVE to know what that woman holds sacred! She obviously doesn’t think much of the concept of marriage as she broke up Andre Previn’s marriage to Dory Previn by having an affair with him while he was married. And she claims to have had an affair with Frank Sinatra while he was married to Barbara Sinatra. So she doesn’t hold marriage as sacred. And Dory Previn was her friend yet she slept with her husband and broke up their marriage – she she can’t hold sacred the concept of female friendships. And she appears to have used her children as pawns in her battle with Woody Allen — so says her son Moses and so says the minority opinion of the 1995 court ruling. So motherhood isn’t exactly sacred to her. So what IS sacred to her? Apparently she is willing to accept some level of child molesters because she is on good terms with Roman Polanski who is a convicted child rapist; Mia testified for him at trial. And Mia does not condemn her own brother is who ALSO a convicted child rapist. She can’t really and truly be an advocate for children if she is also advocating for convicted child rapists like Roman Polanski and her brother. So what — other than herself — does she stand for?