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PHOTOS — NFL Gunslinger Colin Kaepernick: Life’s a Beach in SoFla!


PHOTOS — NFL Gunslinger Colin Kaepernick: Life’s a Beach in SoFla!

Colin Kaepernick in Miami

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been a hottie magnet this week in Miami Beach (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH — Colin Kaepernick sure seems to enjoy the ocean side sights of Miami Beach!

The superstar quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers has been relaxing in the sun like your garden variety snowbird — except that the Niners’ biggest offensive weapon actually gets noticed by the ladies.

We’re told that many more bikini babes flocked to the footballer’s umbrella as the afternoon turned into dusk.

Were they attracted by Kaepernick’s t-shirt showing a buxom girl with pasties on her nipples?

It may seem to observers that it’s all play and no work for Kaepernick — but that’s how little observers know.

Kaepernick is actually working out with teammates Frank Gore and Anquan Boldin. Gore played for UM while Boldin is from Pahokee.

Word is they’re putting in serious endurance training time at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach!


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