PHOTOS — As Woody Allen Gets Heckled, Finger-Pointing Daughter Chills in Broward!

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CORAL SPRINGS — With Woody Allen getting heckled for allegedly abusing one of the daughters back in the day, the woman who accused him in an open letter to Hollywood earlier this month is trying to remain below the radar — in Coral Springs, of all places.

Dylan Farrow, 28, one of Allen’s daughters with actress Mia Farrow, is renting a suburban home in the Broward County city.

How she is making a living is unclear, and she changed her name to her husband’s. (Gossip Extra is sworn to secrecy when it comes to the name!)

But this much is sure: She doesn’t want to be found out and has been openly hostile to the handful of shutterbugs who tracked her down!

Farrow reiterated her accusations that Allen, 78, sexually abused her when she was a child, 22 years ago.

Allen apparently is starting to catch flack from the public: He was heckled yesterday in New York City when he left a theater after a live performance with wife Soon-Yi and their two children!

Dylan Farrow and her husband

Dylan Farrow and her husband in Coral Springs (Splash News photo)

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  1. says

    So, is Woddy Allen guilty of child molestation? Possibly. However, I am VERY cautious to lable him as such because of the McMartin Preschool case of 1983, if you don’t know it, googal it. Children accused preschool teachers of molesting and satanic rituals, which all turned out to be false. The children were coaxed into saying things that weren’t true by their parents and counselors.

    I also have this to say, UNLESS you have proof that a crime was committed, and saying someone is guilty of something they didn’t do, I believe that is called, Bearing False Witness!

  2. lee says

    now,it’s really obvious why Dylan wrote that Open Letter– she wants publicity.Look at that smile she is so thrilled. not exactly the behavior of someone whose ‘abused’,who wants to maintain anonymity. They are so jealous that Woody Allen is being applauded they felt the need to get on his bandwagon by disparaging him.