EXCLUSIVE — Jack Nicklaus’ Family: Our Realtor’s a Playboy Babe!

NORTH PALM BEACH — A demure, tiny yet sexy real estate agent working for a high-profile company owned by the family of conservative golf legend Jack Nicklaus would rather not share details of her background.

Ashley Lowe

Ashley Lowe’s Golden Bear photo (Goldenbearrealty.com)

But it’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Teacher-turned-realtor Ashley Lowe, 29, once was one of Playboy‘s hottest models — one whose status as Cyber Girl of The Week in 2008 made into an Internet phenom.

Now, Lowe works for North Palm Beach’s Golden Bear Realty, a Nicklaus family company.

To this day, however, more than 400,000 websites have used her nudie pictures as Lowe, the mother of a 9-year-old daughter, toils in the tough-as-nails luxury real estate business.

There’s even a video of Lowe stripping fully nude on the steps of what appears to be a Palm Beach mansion!

And on modelmayhem.com, a website where models market themselves to photographers, Lowe wrote: “I’m a model, I live in Palm Beach, Florida. I’m willing to travel for work outside of the Palm Beach/Miami area if expenses are paid. I will do most types of work fashion, glamour, swimsuit, lingerie, fitness, etc. but because I model for Playboy, I do not do full nudes for anyone else.”

According to several online profiles of Lowe, including one on the Wikipedia-like Boobpedia, Lowe is listed as “32D enhanced.”

Lowe isn’t returning calls for comment or emails, and Mike Nicklaus, owner of the North Palm Beach-based Golden Bear Realty and Jack’s youngest son, won’t comment on whether he knew of Lowe’s other career when he hired her.

How no-nonsense family values golfer Jack greeted the news is unclear.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus (Splash News photo)

Here is what Golden Bear’s website says about Ashley: “Ashley Lowe is an optimistic real estate agent who has an innate ability to connect with people of all walks of life. Through effective listening, a pleasant disposition, and superior communication skills, Ashley easily connects with buyers to find the perfect home at the correct price point. Likewise, sellers are impressed with her ability to negotiate on their behalf and secure a financially-pleasing real estate transaction.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys yoga, travel, reading, and walking on the beach. She volunteers with a host of organizations including Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Dream Ride Special Olympics. Previously from New York, Ashley now lives in Palm Beach Gardens with her daughter, nine dogs, and four birds.”

There’s something else that’s not on Golden Bears’ literature: Blonde Lowe’s smoking hot with or without lingerie on thousands of photos on the web.

“It’s something she did years ago,” said a friend of Lowe’s who asked not to be named. “Ashley is a beautiful woman who modeled. The Golden Bear people are fully aware of her background.”

Incidentally, Lowe is accounted for in the realm of romance: The address listed on her real estate license is also that of North Palm Beach multi-millionaire food distributor Mike Bozzuto.

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  1. Judie says

    I am surprised that this family didn’t check her better. This is not a a typical real estate company. I thought Golden Bear Real estate more Prestigous just to allow someone like that to work for them.

    • rodzilla says

      “Someone like that” meaning what, exactly? That you are a narrow minded prude, and there is no way that anyone who is comfortable enough with their own body to pose naked can be an upstanding human being? Maybe they did check her well enough, and she had all of the qualifications necessary to be a real estate agent.

    • Judies A Prude says

      Please check that big bag of stones your throwing at the door. Because she was a Playboy model she can’t sell real estate and should never be allowed to work in another industry.
      Perhaps you should not be allowed in public because you farted one time and we do not like people who fart being near the “better smelling population” – Get a life.

  2. Bil says

    None of us are perfect. I would hire her in a heartbeat. If I had her looks, why not?I can tell you that her boyfriend seriously upgraded from that nasty skank lynel Fagan.

    I’m sure Jose can find dirt on anyone of us.

    You go Ashley, we love you.

  3. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Compare the heavily PSed pic on the bottom w/that of the one from the realty website. Playboy models all look identical, they use the same photoshop boiler template on all of them. So you have a very fake rack, fake hair extensions, fake eyelashes, color contacts, spray on tan, overly white teeth and probly dumb as dirt. I would think Golden bear would use something a little better than that generic, typical Realtor by day, pole dancer by night introduction paragraph.

  4. Tiffany says

    I don’t even know this woman and I think she is very accomplished. So what if she’s got a millionaire boyfriend – that makes her even more fantastic because she is still working, and clearly is acting as a role model for showing responsibility as an adult and mother by still working and not taking advantage I her situation to do nothing an allow the boyfriend to front the bill. We should praise this woman for her accomplishments, success and leadership (modern day, real life Barbie’s should be spotlighted-besides the societal norms people enlist on others is mainly because they are afraid or doing a less than sub-par job as a human or parent for that matter, so they set their attention and focus on those who are doing things outside the “norms.” ) I say good for her!

  5. rodzilla says

    I thought I was living in the 21st century, not the18th. So she posed for Playboy? What does posing naked have to do with selling real estate? A person should be regarded on their ability to do their job, not on something totally unrelated to it, that they did 20 years in the past. I wonder who “leaked” this information to Gossip Extra, and for what price? And what reason? Fueling the gossip rags for financial gain is far worse, in my eyes, than posing nude. Posing for Playboy might seem like an attractive option for a young lady, who is struggling to make a living, early in her career. Bankrolling further education is a strong incentive, and college is not cheap. It appears that Ashley put her modeling income towards real estate sales training, which seems like a very intelligent thing to do. Yes, a lot of models, etc. are airheads, but a lot of them are also very savvy, with a clear vision of what they are doing.