EXCLUSIVE: Rush Limbaugh’s Wife Nailed — For Running a Red Light!

Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh

Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh (Gossip Extra photo)

PALM BEACH — It takes some doing for a resident of Palm Beach to get a ticket from an island cop, but Rush Limbaugh‘s wife managed to do just that the other day.

According to police records, 37-year-old Kathryn Limbaugh was stopped by Palm Beach Police officer Giselle Bido after allegedly driving her Land Rover through a red light at the busy intersection of North County Road and Royal Poinciana.

It’s no secret that Palm Beach patrols usually reserve citations for non-residents, but Bido wrote up Limbaugh for driving without proof of insurance.

The red light violation, and the $158-ticket that usually goes with it?

Verbal warning, according to the citation!

The comely fourth wife of the Conservative radio talker showed up in court to flash her insurance card, paid $10 to clear the case and returned to her hubby’s North Side compound.

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  1. TIDE ferrari racing,palm beach, kimberly harrison says

    Terrific, all she had to do is give the cops a handful of OXY’S. Rush always has in his cars as tips. TIDE Ferrari racing, Kim Harrison. Please help save old Palm Beach !!! Send the Canadian Carpet Bagger Builders back North with the crooked Town officials. VOTE no !!!

  2. JOEL GOODMAN says

    justice was served.
    Please advise kimberly to remain silent and let us think she’s stupid, instead of opening her mouth and removing all doubt.

  3. says

    Die hard Socialist Liberals are just a rabid bunch aren’t they. President Obama has blood on his hands and has been lying for the last 5 years and the only thing the Liberal Press and its Cohorts can report on is Limbaugh’s wife getting a ticket. Oh and by the way Rush Limbaugh left the seat up at the Republican National Convention now go and report that!!!