Sick of Justin Bieber? You’re Not Alone!

Jim Whelan

West Palm Beach businessman Jim Whelan drove to a Miami-Dade County courthouse to tell everybody how he felt about Justin Bieber ( photo)

MIAMI — A lone protester with an anti-Justin Bieber sign outside a Miami-Dade courthouse where Bieber is to be arraigned Feb. 14 seems to have stricken a nerve with the public.

This photo of West Palm Beach businessman Jim Whelan went viral on social media overnight — at a time when thousands people are signing a petition to have the 19-year-old singer deported.

“I was out protesting because my niece was paralyzed in an accident with an intoxicated driver,” Whelan told the news site

“If (the DUI-related charges against Biebs are) true, this boy needs to straighten his act out and give a public apology for his conduct.”

Meanwhile, more than 70,000 (as of 3 p.m. Tuesday) people throughout the United States have signed a petition urging the administration of President Barack Obama to deport the Canadian citizen Bieber.

Thing is: Even with 700,000 names, a petition could not legally force Obama to revoke Bieber’s green card.

But it’s the thought that counts.

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  1. Rich says

    deporting people -LOL- ROTFL- MIAMI people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. let’s deport all the wet backs that are here illegally.
    w/ all the trashy people in MIA that are 1000 times worse that Justin.
    ha that should be the only problem MIA has – Justin Beaver a little snot nose kid smoking MJ, drag racing ,booze. when all the trash is high on much worse drugs. Justin pays more in property taxes than all the trash people of MIA will ever earn in their life. Go get your GED, which you should of got last time you were in prison.

  2. Rich says

    hey Whelan: make sure you appear & protest everyone that causes a stupid careless accident that “could of killed someone”. this is a very cheap shot coming from you just to get free your name on front page & in front of the world.

  3. This hoser is from Canada- eh says

    Now we’ve two too many Canadians
    This guy Whelan is looking for any way to get his face in the news… he’s been around West Palm for years. He’s the same guy who harassed Mayor Frankel and got her son arrested.

    American flags on his…. shoes? Go back to Canada, Clyde

  4. says

    Kanye punches someone for calling Kim a word HE USES IN HIS OWN SONGS.
    Bieber has never insulted anyone in a song; people calling for him to be arrested and deported.
    Wow the hypocrisy.