VIDEO — Justin Bieber’s Out of Here; He’s Panama’s Problem Now!

Justin Bieber and Chantel Jeffries

Justin Bieber and Miami model Chantel Jeffries, this afternoon in Panama (via Twitter)


PANAMA CITY, PANAMA — The media in the small Central American nation of Panama are reporting that troubled pop star Justin Bieber arrived this morning and has been spotted chilling on the beach with pals.

Among them is Chantel Jeffries, the 19-year-old model who rode in his car when he was arrested for DUI Thursday in Miami Beach.

Beliebers in the area of the famous canal have been tweeting photos of the star all afternoon.

Check out what Panama City television stations are currently airing:

He has a court hearing in Miami on Monday morning but he’s not expected to be in the courtroom.

Developing . . .

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