PHOTOS — Entourage Film Off to Explosive Start in South Florida!

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MIAMI — The production of Entourage, the movie version of the popular HBO series about a young movie star and his buds, is off to a hot start in Miami.

Explosive, even.

Stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly¬†and Jerry Ferrara were doing one of the first scenes on a fancy boat in Biscayne Bay the other day when the motorboat’s engine blew up, sending smoke billowing in to the overcast sky.

No one was hurt, but on one of the photos in the gallery above, Connolly looks like he’s ready to jump in the bay. The boat eventually was towed back to the marina.

The boys already wrapped up the Miami area scenes and are returning to L.A. for the rest of the movie, but Ferrara — Yep, Turtle! — seems to have scored big with the ladies and put in some quality beach time.

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  1. Enrique says

    The movie will be a complete bust. It’s going to come out around May 2015 which means that the show by then is about 4 years irrelevant and only has a cult small following. The movie will be lucky to gross a total of $100 million at the box office and that means little to no profit after marketing and paying each actor. There is no story line left for Entourage as the last 2-3 seasons of the show were terrible.
    Don’t waste your $15 seeing this movie.