EXCLUSIVE — RHOA’s Chuck Smith: I’m Not a Dog — But Phaedra’s an Ugly Duckling!

Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks

Kandi Burruss (left) and Phaedra Parks (Splash News photo)

ATLANTA — Retired NFL star Chuck Smith, a football consultant to several Miami Dolphins linemen, has been assailed on social media for his recent appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Chuck Smith

Miami Dolphins consultant Chuck Smith branded a dog! (Special to Gossip Extra)

Smith, you see, has the honor of being the one reality TV star who’s believed to have slept with four cast members of the same program: His wife of 13 years Mynique Smith of course; and RHOA co-stars Phaedra Parks , Nene Leakes and singer Kandi Burruss, back in his NFL days.

For that, and the fact he didn’t tell the wife, a RHOA newbie, until he was forced to fess up on the show have made him the bad guy on the current season of the Bravo reality fare.

And then, there is what the former Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers defensive end said about Phaedra and Kandi — that they didn’t mean anything to him and were just members of his “roster” and his “team.”

Yikes, dude!

Gossip Extra chatted exclusively with the 44-year-old Smith, and we asked him what he was thinking.

“I should have talked about them (Phaedra and Kandi) in a different way,” Smith said. “And I should’ve given my wife a little more information about them. It’s just unfortunate I got caught in this situation.”

Welcome to reality TV!

There’s a real possibility at this point that agents of NFL rookies considering Smith for a mentoring gig might thing twice about it, even if Smith says his behavior on the show shouldn’t change anyone’s mind about him.

“Why is what I did at 27 that important,” he told me. “It should be about what I do now, teaching the art of the pass rush and how to be a good NFL rookie.

“I’ve been surprised at all these attacks, which are more directed at my wife than me.”

Smith says he hooked up with Kandi because “she was nice” and “her momma cooked good food.”

“But we were in a lifestyle of entertainment,” Smith said. “I had four girls in every corner of the stadium.”

How about sexy attorney Phaedra?

“Phaedra was just the ugly ducking from the sixth grade,” he said. “It’s unfortunate she got caught up in this.”

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  1. Yawn Girl says

    A gentleman never kiss and tells. I think that Chuck is an idiot and that he’s very immature. He invited Nene and Phaedra out to lunch to ask them to talk to some kids. He waited until after they spoke to the kids and then we went in on Phaedra…..what a dog. He used her and Nene for his own agenda and then he told Phaedra how she meant nothing to him. He was planning to tell her off all along but he got what he could get from her first. I don’t like him nor do I like his wife. His wife was out of order to even bring up the fact that her husband ever dated Kandi or Phaedra. Like both Kandi and Phaedra pointed out, what ever happened happened over 20 years ago. They’re both trash, Chuck and Mynique

    • jean says

      I do agree with you. Why did his stupid looking wife want to know who he screwed 20 years ago anyway. Her and her husband are the only two looking like fools.

  2. Sehkmet says

    I’m not a Faekdra Parks fan but she’s not ugly… now Lil Chuckie may need to invest in some Shea Butter for his 69-year old looking wife to combat those horrid crows feet around her eyes… 39 years old my a$$… Bish no d@mn well she’s cashing a Senior Citizen Check with that 20% discount on Tuesdays… But she looks good for her age 😉 #RHOA @BRAVOTV

    • Beejcee says

      You would think he would know that Kandi and Phaedra are both better looking than his wife is now. Doesn’t matter what he thought Phaedra looked like in 6th grade. Big Homie got a homely wife!LOL

  3. cynamon says

    Why is it that people, mainly females cannot deal with the truth? why are so many attacking Chuck? Phedra a known liar, she reinterated the convo with Kandi by stating that Chuck wanted to talk about THEIR RELATIONSHIP he did not say that Women usually feel a way about a situation their in with a man more importantly then that man feels about it Phedra could not even recall a date she had to think a second then said “I came to many of your games” YES bish YOU CAME thats not a date where you re being brought somewhere and arrive together Lik he said there were several females in diff spots in same stadium Also true about Kandi she’s kmown around Atlanta for sleeping around back in the days Don’t attempt clean it up now Thats the way the game is played he played them both for his needs. He was a young player it’s no secret how the game played. That’s why it;s called the game it’s a lifestyle and certain females feel they’re more important in the eyes of that male then they are Deal wit it truth hurts!! You can tell it hurt because they both started speaking on how small his package was after the fact ummm low class for alwayz giving up that azz:) low bottom for speaking on size

    • oniT says

      So when did running game became legit? It is deceitful because he couldn’t be man to say he wanted ass or play the field. Gtfoh. Grow up! No one deserves disrespect.

    • says

      Hey Cynamon,
      Before you decide to comment, you might want to pick up a dictionary..You used no exclamation marks, and your spelling is terrible..Where did you go to school? Anyway,
      If you recall Nene was the first to bring it up, already knowing that she was trying to stir up trouble. Then Chuck’s ugly wife ran with the idea, bringing up a matter that happened 20 yrs . ago, which is what both women pointed out. If Mynique is as confident as she say she is, she would have never mentioned it to either of them. Everyone has a past, and they were part of his past…His doggish comments only show him to be the dog he evidently was, and they were young ladies at that time. That is why his ass is on a plate, because of his unkind comments when speaking about girls in his past & how he thought of them.. Now a man, he should have grown enough to know better & to speak better of women. Don’t know if he has daughter’s but he need a wakeup call. And so does Mougly,.She evidently ran back to him crying about something so long ago. Chuck , if you read this , please go talk to someone who can help you buy a clue,since you don’t know why you got a backlash on your comments. Enough Said…

    • jean says

      How can a man play a woman for sex if he don’t have big enough equipment to play with. .Phadra spoke on what he’s tipping around with and claiming he was the big homie. I’m laughing so hard I got tears running down my face.

  4. BoSsLady69 says

    Did I Miss Something? Or Did Ugly Duckling Chuck Smith Just Jeopardize,His Career As A Mentor To Up And Coming Rookies In The NFL…Smh…I Have A Very Strong Feeling,He Is Lying About Both Relationships To Spare His Jealous And Nosy Azz Wife Feelings,She Is Sooo Insecure…And For What ??Who Wants Chuck???He A FORMER NFL BALLER,Who Should Be Happy To Say He Dated Two Very Successful Ladies Like Kandi And Phaedra,Which Would Help Make Him Look Like He Only Has Good Taste And Good Quality When Chosen People That He Wants In His Life..

  5. khrish67 says

    I thought it was extremely tacky the things that he said. And I’m sure that ole Horse mouth Nene can’t wait to spread the word. I couldn’t even understand why she broached that subject when she was at his home with his wife. Who does that anyway. She’s always starting trouble between people. I would never want her to know anything about me. I’m certain that the lady discussed that with he husband the minute they left her home. Then how tacky of her to bring up the subject with the two ladies. It just seems so vulgar to discuss such intimate details with someone’s spouse about things that happened before they were the spouse. Nene Leakes just has no class. She may have a lot of money, as she seems to brag about all the time. Note to Nene: Money doesn’t buy you class.

  6. TAMMY says


  7. Starr says

    BravoTV please delete Chuck and his wife. Mynique adds nothing to the show. She doesn’t even know how to style herself. NEXT..

  8. Bexie Lopez says

    Grown ass man with a mouth of a 18 year old boy he’s a poor excuse for a man and gives every real man a bad name he didn’t get caught up he knew what he was saying and doing he just happened to realize that what he said might jepordize his future career it shouldn’t matter to his wife who was he with before her that was a thing of the past and he shouldn’t be bragging about who was ugly or who he hit back in the day that’s really nothing to brag about he’s the reason a lot of woman are the way they are with men because of bigheaded egos

  9. Sabrina says

    What man you know that not in a relationship and not a best friend of a female is going to give her money, come on think about the it. OK so he was banging Kandi but he also was helping her pay her bills. if she was messing around down in a ATLANTA that is her business the world didn’t need to know that about her!!! It was some type of relationship if he is giving up the paper he was making every week. so it wasn’t only because she was nice and her mother can cook. I’m sure all the “women” he was messing with mothers can cook! And as far as Phaedra i don’t know about that relationship, but she also didn’t say anything like she said it was in the past. Who talks about their past when they are married that is so tacky. He should have told his wife the truth from the beginning and none of this would have made a big deal. He wife was wrong for bring it up PERIOD. She should have just left it alone, but she had to go and say something. Yes Chuck everyone is coming after your wife because one that was not lady like to say anything to Kandi or Phaedra when she barely knew them nor did she know their past with you!!!

  10. Tiffany says

    I think as a mentor of kids he didn’t show respect towards women
    As far as his wife she went digging n got what she looking for.visit think it’s funny that he calls P haedra an ugly duckling because she and Kandi both run circles around her. She got more cracks in her face than a sidewalk.

  11. gina1961 says

    Nene and Chuck already had planned to invite Pheadra to speak at the boys and girls club in Athens, then to attack her going back, Nene knew the whole plan, she should be ashamed of herself, she is always calling someone ugly and starting trouble, and for Chuck part Kandi and Phaedra look better than ur wife, she looks a bit old, Nene u should have told Chuck that Phaedra never sais that they were boyfriend and girlfriends, she stated that they had dated, Kandi went into far more details, Chuck and his elderly looking wife r trying to b media whores now. Nene u should have never bought up a conversation in front of a wife about who her man slept with in the past, u started this as well, because if I was Elderly Mynique I would have told u that’s none of ur business, Nene you r nobody’ friend, ur a hugh 7ft bully, ur not attractive, u r not a class A actress, and with ur behavior and arrogance, Hollywood donot want u, u r about to be washed up. Poor two faced Cynthia is terrified of u. Nene stop acting like u r not used to anything, class A actresses donot walk around talking about how much ther jewelry cost and not even know the designer.
    Remember Nene the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, watch ur actions.

  12. madaline says

    phaedra and kandi wanted chuck’s wife to know and feel pain becaue they had dated her busband, They get whatever they got because chuck’s wife came to the group a new person and they were mean to her. Phaedra was the first one that jumped all over mynique about nothing on one episode.

    Phaedra and kandi wanted his wife to think that their relationship was more than what it was (booty calls thats all)

    Chuck set them straight. go head Chuck Chuck is trying to get his own Reality show