BREAKING NEWS — Wife of Fisher Island Club CEO Spends Christmas in Rikers Island Jail!

Rikers Island and Fisher Island

Now at Rikers Island (left): The wife of Fisher Island CEO Bernard Lackner! (Gossip Extra collage)


NEW YORK CITY — The wife of the CEO of a fancy Miami Beach private club with mounting problems spent Christmas behind bar on the infamous Rikers Island in New York City after being convicted of stealing a $5,000-sweater, Gossip Extra has confirmed.

Stefanie and Bernard Lackner

Stefanie and Bernard Lackner (NY Society photo)

The city’s jail website shows Stefanie Lackner, wife of Fisher Island Club CEO Bernard Lackner, was found guilty of petty larceny Dec. 19 and immediately shipped to Rickers’ Rose M. Singer Center for female inmates.

The sticky-fingered blonde, blue-eyed Realtor Stefanie, 46, is due to be released Jan. 6 — if she behaves. She’ll then be able to return to her $1.2 million-home on Long Island.

According to reports, the sentence is supposed to punish the woman for her August 2012 theft of a $5,100-sweater from a Madison Avenue boutique. The security cameras apparently filmed Stefanie exiting a fitting room and store with the sweater in a bag she carried.

For Bernard, meanwhile, it’s yet another embarrassment as he settles down as the new CEO of the club on the fancy Biscayne Bay island.

Bernard Lackner, who was hired in June 2012, is dealing with a slew of lawsuits filed against members who allegedly aren’t paying their dues and the aftermath of a scathing New York Times review of the club’s hotel.

Lackner came to Miami after management stints at the prestigious hotels Plaza Athenee and Pierre in NYC and George V in Paris.

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