BREAKING NEWS — Fight Climaxes in Discharge Inside Strip Bar!

Sugar Daddy's

Sugar Daddy’s, 704 Military Trail in West Palm Beach, the scene of a shooting this morning (Gossip Extra photo)


WEST PALM BEACH — A shooting inside a crowded strip bar this morning in West Palm Beach sent two people to the hospital, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

The 5 a.m. incident occurred inside Sugar Daddy’s, a well-known Military Trail nightclub that dispenses naked pole-dancers and live hip-hop.

The discharge of gunfire at the $10-per lap dance joint came during a melee that involved two factions of patrons.

Deputies are still at the scene to try to sort it all out.

The victims were rushed to Delray Medical Center for treatment.

For more about Sugar Daddy’s, check out the video:

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  1. Onceuponadancer says

    Ahh….strip clubs! Not really for the show, but a place to meet and do biz for drugs, prostitution, and all the other related good stuff! Add in hip hop music, ugly out of shape women with saggy or fake boobs, and PUKE!

  2. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Needs Moar Mammary Mecca reference. Bullets do not do that place justice, I am thinking more along the lines of an old school napalm strike..

  3. Really? says

    Perhaps the corniest — and GREATEST — headline written in years!

    Jose, you interviewed me 17 years ago for your piece in a local paper – FLL sun sentinel? — about how local Florida guys are literally inventing adult entertainment on the web. You actually came to our offices and visited with me in person, at least an hour’s drive away. (Now that’s journalism!) And yes, I checked, although you were then — and will always be — a stylish guy, but ….. I recall your shoes were scuffed down to the bone… a true gumshoe.

    I was impressed by you then. have been impressed for the last 17 years … but wow … now this? I guess you still got it.!! The boy can still write!


    Like fine wine… Cheers.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      By interview in your “office,” do you mean jail? If you are who I think you are, then I interviewed you in low-security federal camp in Homestead after you took fellow inmates out to McDonald across the street then to a motel to meet your strippers. Feds didn’t like that. (PS: I’m wearing the same shoes right now!)