BREAKING NEWS — WPTV Weather Babe Kait Parker: I’m Outtahere!

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flag-breaking-newsWEST PALM BEACH — WPTV-Channel 5 is about to get a lot less pretty to watch!

Morning weather babe Kait Parker just announced on her Facebook page she’s hightailing it out of Dodge!

Next stop: The Weather Channel.

Her announcement comes three years to the day after she arrived to the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast NBC affiliate.

“Kait is a passionate and energetic meteorologist who will make a great addition to our ever-growing team of the industry’s leading names in weather,” Weather Channel president David Clark told Mediabistro.

Parker, who did shine for her brains and goofball personality as much as her tight outfits, is scheduled to make her debut on the cable network Jan. 13.

“I have accepted a position at The Weather Channel beginning in January where I will fulfill lifelong dreams of covering every facet of our amazing atmosphere from every corner of the country,” Parker posted on Facebook. “The team is incredible and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside the best in the business.

“While I will be relocating geographically, I won’t be too difficult to find– I’m just a click of the remote away! You welcomed me to Florida with open arms and treated me like a member of the family from day one. I can’t thank each of you enough for giving me the honor of being a part of your community.”

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  1. Julie says

    My 9 year old son will be devasted! He runs to the TV in the morning before school to watch the “weather news”…..I KNOW IT IS ALL ABOUT KATE IN HIS EYES! Good Luck to her!

  2. JOEL GOODMAN says


  3. Lola says

    I for one am glad her and Keli are leaving. Tired of those two trying to out cute each other. Hopefulling they’ll get more professional journalist like Roxanne, Steve, and Michael on WPTV to name a few. I never needed anyone to tell me to slather on the sunscreen or to tell me its windy in regards to Kaits skirt alert. Also, wasnt interested in Keli’s hair or engagement issues.

    • TIDE ferrari racing,palm beach,Kim Harrison says

      You must be a want A be gay not to appreciate this DUO.! Save old Palm Beach. Kimberly P.S. Don’t forget to feed your pink POODLES .

      • TIDE ferrari racing,palm beach,Kim Harrison says

        Lola is a born AGAIN bag lady ! TIDE Ferrari racing, P.S. Eat your prunes and you will feel happier, all ready, yet, such A deal from Newark. Kim Harrison.

    • George says

      This is what wrong in Fl. You old stick in the mud lighten up you got the weather and entertained at the same time your cable company should charge you double

  4. Beth says

    So long Kate! You really freshened up the weather scene on channel Five. While 5 is a ratings
    Leader. The weather talent as a whole are terribly the same ( boring same aged men ) and very ho hum personality wise.
    You brought freshness and made the weather segment fun to watch. Plus you were
    the stations most accurate forecaster. I would have put you on main evening position to add some
    life and freshness! You will really be missed.

  5. JOEL GOODMAN says

    Lola, you’re a sour puss, The two ladies did a damned good job and most of us will miss their talent.

  6. Lizzie Mcdade says

    Best of luck Kait!!!. I thought you did a great job here. You deserve to move forward. Great job!!

  7. Mike says

    Good luck Kait!

    We will really miss you…………you did a super job & definitely a sweetie!……….especially to single guy like me!

    Now, I’ll have to find another channel to get the local weather in the morning. I just can’t stand watching that creepy Glazer & his crewcut!

  8. George DiLeonardo says

    Best of luck Kait.Life goes on and you will be missed .Will watch TWC as much as possible for your reports.I think Ms Stein and her fake smile need to go .I will watch the other local channels for news and weather for now on.

  9. Andrea says

    Kait was a ray of sunshine. I will miss her and Keelie too. They brought fun to the weather, traffic reports and news. Lola, you’re boring!

  10. Sam Jackson says

    I will miss both ladies. I thought they each delivered their news with freshness and professionalism. I too thought Kait a cutie. And I found Keli’s morning traffic reports succinct and very helpful to plan my commute. But the current replacement for Keli is a train wreck. Every traffic report is a screw-up. She can’t get north vs south right: Always has the wrong intersection. I find absolutely nothing to trust in her reports. For anyone complaining about these two ladies leaving, well I guess you now get to enjoy all looks no brains for our morning edification.