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PHOTOS — Miami Beach’s Logan Fazio: The World’s Sexiest Paparazzo!


PHOTOS — Miami Beach’s Logan Fazio: The World’s Sexiest Paparazzo!

flag-OMGMIAMI BEACH — Miami Beach paparazzo Logan Fazio describes what she’s been doing as “performance art.”

And, whatever you call it, it’s been getting her worldwide attention: Photos of Fazio, 35, hard at work are burning up the web.

What’s so special about her?

In a world dominated by pudgy, sweaty guys in oversized cargo pants, the Palm Beach Gardens native and Florida Atlantic University graduate happens to be hotter than most celebrities she ambushes or finds on the red carpet.

And the madness surrounding her kicked off over the weekend when she started looking for celebrities attending Art Basel in a vintage top and Victoria’s Secret bikini bottom.

Suddenly, colleagues who never gave her a second look were photographing her photographing celebrities.

“I’m on the beach looking for celebrities practically every day anyway,” Fazio tells Gossip Extra. “So, I said to myself: ‘Why don’t I wear a bikini?'”

The first to bite: Rocker Lenny Kravitz, who started chatting up Fazio on the beach and wouldn’t let her go.

“For me, this is a social experiment of sort,” said Fazio, who works mostly for the New York City-based INF photo agency. “It’s a bit of performance art about society’s approach to fame and celebrity. What is fame? Who’s famous?

“Look at me: I put on a bikini, and suddenly I’m fielding interviews all day.”

Logan’s not the first to wonder about fame: Check out Lady Gaga‘s take below!

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