EXCLUSIVE — Lawyer: I’m LeBron James’ Daddy, And I Ain’t Going Away!

LeBron James and alleged father Leicester Stovell

Miami Heat star LeBron James (left) and alleged father Leicester Stovell (Gossip Extra photo)

WASHINGTON, DC — Miami Heat superstar LeBron James‘ alleged father won’t go away so easily!

D.C. lawyer Leicester Bryce Stovell, who filed not just one but TWO lawsuits to show the world he is the double NBA champ’s long-lost dad, is appealing the dismissal of his second action against ‘Bron, Gossip Extra has learned.

So far Stovell, who claims he fathered the 28-year-old James during a one-night stand with Gloria James, hasn’t told the court what he plans to argue in the appeal.

Stovell, who does bear a faint resemblance to James, first filed in 2010. The case was dismissed after his DNA test came back negative, something he blamed on tampering by James and his mother.

Stovell, however, filed again earlier this year, now claiming that James disparaged and slandered him in a 2012 article in Sports Illustrated in which ‘Bron talks about growing up without a father.

Stovell was shot down again because he had not filed his complaint in a timely fashion.

So Stovell is appealing.

He couldn’t be contacted. The office phone number listed for him with the D.C. Bar Association is not in service.

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