EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Richie Incognito Gets New Ferrari! Did Jonathan Martin Pay For That?

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flag-jocksFORT LAUDERDALE — Suspended Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito, who allegedly bullied rookie Jonathan Martin until he quit the team Oct. 30, seems to be weathering the firestorm he caused by treating himself right, according to the new photos above.

It’s another Gossip Extra South Florida exclusive: Incognito took possession of a black Ferrari FF shipped by truck from California to his gated beach-side neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale yesterday as intrepid shutterbugs watched from a safe distance.

The 12-cylinder speeding machine retails for about $300,000!

— EXCLUSIVE: Richie Incognito ex-GF says he was a gentleman!

The Miami Herald reported this week that Incognito is about to be cut after he allegedly hurled racial epithets and threats at the rookie for weeks earlier this season.

Incognito may have forced Martin to buy him a $15,000-trip to Las Vegas.

Which begs the question: Who paid for the Ferrari?

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  1. JOEL GOODMAN says

    this piece of human waste is part of the reason that the stadium is half empty for the Dullfin games.
    An owner who is aloof and just another money grubbing gazillionaire makes this guy a part of the team for what?? “to toughen up the kid” reports a team source anonamously.. Welcome to the NFL =NATIONAL FELONS LEAGUE…

    • fred S. says

      It’s cool that you wish to comment, but anonymously is spelled “anonymously “…you shouldn’t make such a resounding, negative comment and then misspell anonymously…it takes some of the veracity away from your comment (dilutes it)….FB