EXCLUSIVE — Richie Incognito’s ex-Girlfriend: Richie’s a Gentleman!

Richie Incognito

Richie Incognito (Splash News photo)

FORT LAUDERDALE — Other than a few Miami Dolphins teammates like receiver Mike Wallace, it’s not easy these days to find folks willing to defend the character of suspended guard Richie Incognito.

His ex-girlfriend, however, says she has fond memories of Incognito.

Missouri miss Madison Yates, 26, recently broke up with Incognito among rumors that Incognito’s gruff and temperamental ways got the best of that relationship.

I’m told the two met when Incognito played for the St. Louis Rams, and Yates followed her fellow to South Florida when he got picked up by the Fins in 2009. In time, she became a waitress at American Social, a bar on Las Olas.

UPDATE: Wonder what Yates looks like? She’s HOT!

We reached out to Yates, who’s described as a tiny red head with some plastic enhancements, and she emailed a statement saying she has warm feelings about the big guy.

“Richie was nothing but kind to me and a great friend,” Yates wrote. “I have no further comment.”

She did not respond to a follow-up email asking exactly why the two broke up.

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  1. JOEL GOODMAN says


    • Constantine says

      He’s not a thug. He is a good football player, a good teammate and a leader on the team. The coaching staff ASKED Incognito to “toughen up” Martin. Incognito did that, but Martin wimped out and squealed to the press. Not a good thing to do. You ahouls pay your dues, like any NFL rookie on any NFL team.

      Martin is weak minded. He should apologize to the team, promise to do his best, and get back to working with the team.

      • Bulldog says

        Constantine – You and jackburgers like Incognito are a huge part of the reason society is as effed up as it is. If Incognito is such a good teammate and “leader”, I guess that made him feel compelled to to molest a female Dolphins employee with a golf club at a Dolphins-sponsored golf tournament. I can tell you one thing – if that woman had been MY lady, we wouldn’t be talking about all this other BS, because Incognito would be a decomposed hunk of useless meat by now. Come to think of it, he appears to be a decomposed hunk of useless meat already. But it isn’t necessary to kill him now – his reputation & NFL career are dead already. I just love it when bad things happen to bad people!

        Martin appears not to have the temperament for football. That’s good – his IQ is obviously much too high for him to wreck his physical health or risk life-altering brain injury by participatng in that stupidity. With a degree from Stanford and lots of options for his future, he will one day be grateful for the day he walked away from the Miami Dolphins. I wish him the best of luck.

        • A 1911 SHOOTER says

          I am not sure he earned his way into Stanford on academic merit alone …but great school.

          If he did that to my wife, I would just have to take it, that guy would break me in half and I am no lite weight.

      • Mickey says

        Constantine, I bet I can bully you to the point where you cry like a baby, and run to your mommy. So stop judging others, okay? Its not just incognito. Its Mike Pouncey also, the guy who is wearing a cap that says, “Free Aaron”. Yeah, that’s right, these thugs think that you shouldn’t get locked up for murdering someone. Give your head a shake, dude.

  2. Belinda M says

    Incognito is fat pig along with the rest of his hencemen, eating way too many free donuts and free expensive dinners at the expense of rookies, damn! aren’t you all being paid to watch your weight and train?? how the hell is hazing of rookies suppose to make them tuff on the field? rookie spend $32K on a team dinner? wtf… do they eat the plates and chairs too? team meetings at a strip bar Lol this is so funny, guys like Martin have choices in life if he chooses to walk away from football, if it weren’t for NFL money guys like Incognito would be flippin burgers at some greasy spoon.