BREAKING NEWS — Rob Lopicola Trial: Weatherman Told Underage Sex Victim to Call Him “Daddy!”

Rob Lopicola

Rob Lopicola, this morning in court (Gossip Extra photo)

flag-breaking-newsWEST PALM BEACH — The sex-with-minors trial of former WPTV-Channel 5 weatherman Rob Lopicola started in earnest today with opening statements and four hours of testimony by one of the underage boys that Lopicola allegedly had sex with.

Wearing a dark suit and glasses that make him look older than his 43 years, Lopicola listened emotionless as an 18-year-old Boca Raton boy he befriended three years ago recounted how the former TV star picked him up near his mother’s house and performed oral sex on him in his car.

The witness, whose identity is being shielded because of his age, said Lopicola realized fully he was just 15 and seemed to like his slender body.

“He knows that we he did was wrong,” the boy said tearfully. “I’m here so that no one else gets hurt.”

What is is with SoFla weathermen? Before there was Lopicola, there was Miami’s Bill Kamal

The accuser, who allegedly traded naked photos of himself with Lopicola, told the seven members of the jury that he’d learned to attract men by watching how to place online hookup ads on NBC’s To Catch a Predator.

Lopicola faces a slew of sex-related charges in connection with alleged sex with two underage boys.

Prosecutors also discussed the hundreds of texts that Lopicola wrote the boy, including this one: “Would you call me dad from now on, please!”

The trial continues tomorrow with several of the police officers who arrested Lopicola more than a year ago.

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  1. Richard says

    I knew knew it, the kid is no angel. he admitted he learned how to attract men.
    for what other reason would he want to attract men. he knew it was wrong, yet he continued, why?
    did he enjoy it (sex), or was it for either, or both money, or gifts. what other reason. Then to make sure
    he does it right he watches- to catch a predator. was he doing a rehearsal, practice makes perfect
    Or was this the boy in the shower w/ Robb & the mother caught them. The mother possibly coaching him what to say. btw where is a father figure in this boys life. good luck Rob (Dad).lol

    • Patrick says

      While this so called “victim” is no angel he was (and still is) a child. Too young to make wise decisions or understand the ramifications of his actions. I feel the boy should have been on trail as well and sentence to professional help and schooling. Being the adult RJL should have known better to begin with. Your comment indicates you feel RJL is the victim here. More than “good luck” I hope RJL comes through this well and is able to overcome those harmful addictions and turn his life around.