HORROR! Autopsy: West Palm Beach Girl, 10, Stabbed 23 Times; Mom Stabbed Herself 94 Times!

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flag-breaking-newsWEST PALM BEACH — Two autopsy reports released today by the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s office show that little Alexandra Brooks fought her mother as the knife-wielding woman stabbed her 23 times.

Pamela Brooks

Pamela Brooks’ booking photo after a DUI arrest in May (PBSO photo)

At one point during the struggle that couldn’t possibly find a match in a horror movie, Alexandra’s right middle finger was cut so deeply that is was nearly severed.

And the blade used by her mother completely went through her left hand.

Troubled Pamela Brooks stabbed herself 94 times, according to the reports, including 14 times on top of her head!

What’s more, recovering alcoholic Pamela had no booze or illegal drugs in her body at the time of the sickening murder-suicide.

She did, however, take a prescribed dose of the anti-depression medicine Prozac hours before her death, according to the autopsy.

Both mother and daughter died because of extreme loss of blood. Their bodies were discovered at home on Gregory Place Sept. 12 in West Palm Beach.

It seems that the mom, who was deemed an unfit mother during her divorce but maintained custody of the child, may have chased Alexandra, a bright student at Kings Academy, as nary one area of the little girl’s body remained intact.

Alexandra’s autopsy shows she was stabbed above the right knee, on the right hip, head, both sides of chest, three times in the neck, three times in the buttocks, her back, her jaw.

One stab wound to the chest was as deep as her heart, according to Dr. Reinhard Motte‘s report.

As for Pamela’s report, it mentions she cut herself deeply three times under the chin as she tried to cut her jugular vein, in addition to 91 other wounds. There was also evidence she tried to slash her wrists.

Said Motte: “They basically bled to death. Their brains became deprived of oxygen and they just passed out.”

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  1. Paulette Cooper says

    I know someone who had been close to the mother but could not remain friends as she sank further and further into alcoholism and drugs. She said she took the daughter everywhere and was crazy about her. She had been picked up for a DUI and was going to lose custody of her daughter if it happened again. She knew she couldn’t stop drinking and would therefore lose her daughter and seemingly simply went crazy.

  2. Markdpez says

    Then stabbed herself 94 times? Not likely. 10 times on the top of her head? The truth always prevails eventually no matter how diligent the media works to pull the wool over our eyes. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.