EXCLUSIVE — X Factor’s Paulina Rubio: Miami Condo Commandos Want Her Gone!

Paulina Rubio

Brickell condo commandos to Paulina Rubio: Take your dog and go! (Splash News photo)

MIAMI — The condo commandos at the fancy Palace condo building on Brickell are so sick of singer Paulina Rubio that they want to get rid of her!

The downtown Miami condo owners association this week filed a foreclosure action against the Mexican star.

What happened?

The Palace condo building on Brickell

The Palace condo building on Brickell

Rubio, 42, currently a judge on The X Factor alongside Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland and Demi Lovato, has owed maintenance fees on her 18th floor condo for a year and a half.

Pretty soon, she’ll have racked up $30,000 in back fees, interests and penalties, and she’s made no attempt to settle her tab.

“We’re using all collection tools at our disposal,” said building manager Didi Ashe. “But I cannot comment further as the matter is in litigation.”

County records show the condo association already filed a lien against the singer of Don’t Say Goodbye in April, but Rubio didn’t acknowledge it.

In all, records show, she’s supposed to pay $1,617.36 a month in maintenance. She hasn’t sent a check since April 2012, according to the filing.

Rubio bought the 2,400-square-foot apartment in 1994 for $410,000.

Her publicist couldn’t be contacted.

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  1. Toni says

    Wow, she looks rough. Glad she’s not my neighbor and hope the condo put a lien against the property so that when it is finally sold the debt will be paid. Why should the other condo owners carry this piece of trash.

  2. tulino says

    I want to hear about Paulina Rubio side, all this look to weird, maybe The condo association did something bad to her and for that reason she is refusing to pay. Hello 30k is nothing of her, with all ther cd sales, concerts, TV ads and contracts, The X-Factor USA, she is a millionare. Sorry, but is not the first time others trash her because of people can not handle her success.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      We always offer the subject of stories the opportunity to comment. Paulina and her people declined to take that opportunity.