EXCLUSIVE FIRST PHOTOS — Enrique Iglesias’ New House in Miami

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MIAMI — Check out the first photos of the mansion that Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias just built for himself just north of downtown Miami!

Price tag: About $26 million, including the $5 million he plunked down in 2009 for the double lot in fancy Bay Point!

It’s interesting to note that, despite rumors that Iglesias and retired tennis hottie Anna Kournikova are no longer an item, there’s a world-class tennis court on the southwest side of the property.

By the way, the house is said to be about 20,000-square-feet, roughly the size of a Publix.

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  1. ei fan says

    Knowing him doesn’t look like the kind of house he would be comfortable or happy in. Not his style. He’s to lie key. More like for someone that’s flashy!

    • poor enrique says

      he is not looking happy or smiling ,when he is with her,
      he is still stuck with that blond diamond grabber,
      he is so stuppid,to built that mansion only for her,
      he is not like that,he don’ t even care about money or about stuff
      she only loves him for his money and his famous
      and he knows that
      he knows he can get that another women,who really loves him
      that women of all his love songs
      enrique,listen to your heart
      you lost to much weight due all your sorrows inside
      take care
      but never forget that another women who really cares and loves you
      she cries in your heart in the corner

  2. Nojoke says

    He looks really bad. Live the sing though. Probably same thing going on. Song is for his list love. He had to get a grip. If this girl he’s been singing about fir years and cried for him she would have stepped up to the plate already but seems like she dies not want to and this is why he looks the way he does. The only good from this is that his fans get to hear beautiful loving passionate songs.

  3. donna v says

    Didn’t they brake up? I thought she found out he had another girl he was in love with? Oh jeez thats what i read ya never know!