EXCLUSIVE: Owner of Website With Reporters’ Private Info Puts Out Creepy Statement

Using an image that’s become the symbol of many protest movements around the world, the owner of a website that appeared this week with the DOBs, and home addresses and private hone numbers of Palm Beach County reporters released a statement today.

After Gossip Extra reached out to the person through the deadbeatlink.com website to ask what’s up, the video above was included in the otherwise-empty email sent in response.

In the statement made in a digitally altered voice, the website operator claims his/her publishing the information is a form of protest against reporters that he/she claims are too “lazy” to cover corruption in Palm Beach County.

So far, he/she is so worked up about the low quality of local media that he/she included private information about dozens of reporters at WPEC-Channel 12 and The Palm Beach Post.

He/she claims that WPTV-Channel 5 is safe for now, in apparent appreciation for the work of reporter Katie LaGrone.

We can only assume that WPBF-Channel 25 is next.

Pretty creepy if you ask me, but the good thing is: Gossip Extra‘s info is not included in deadbeatlink.com either, which probably puts us in the good guys’ side in Anonymous‘ mind!

No comment from The Post and CBS12.

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Long live Anon, I cruz the /b/ over on 4Chan once in a while just for the lol’s

    I would be very worried if they ever set their sights on me or more importantly my company.

    I am betting this is the same dude that runs PBSO Talk.

  2. BillyBobNews says

    Having worked at TV stations, I know that in many cases it is the NEWS MANAGERS that are responsible for hiding from real news (in some cases) because they want to keep police agencies, politicians, and other organizations happy. If they are happy and not being targeted, then their are more willing to share info about others for stories. I’ve heard of cases about reporters not getting to do the stories they want because someone wants to keep someone happy. Thus no hard hitting journalism even if the reporter wants to do it. Of course if you stray and try to ask the tough questions you can be shunned plus out of a job.

  3. Mark Dougan says

    The Deadbeat Link site is the work of Mark Dougan (also known as John Mark Dougan), a former deputy with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. He thinks it’s OK to disclose home addresses and phone numbers of journalists, so let’s level the field: He lives at 120 S. Olive Ave., Suite 705, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33401, and his phone number is 561-354-6336.