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EXCLUSIVE — South Florida Drug Centers Brace For Krocodil!


EXCLUSIVE — South Florida Drug Centers Brace For Krocodil!


Drug treatment centers in South Florida are bracing for the arrival of a cheap new high that eventually causes the skin of addicts to rot off their bones.

The synthetic drug spread like wildfire in Russia over the past two years, and has now reached epidemic levels with as many as 1 million users.

In Russia, it’s called krocodil because users’ skin turns greenish, dry and cracked like a crocodile’s.

In America, it’s known as desomorphine and once was used as a legitimate pain medication.

Homemade, however, the powerful sedative is supposed to be more potent and addictive than heroin.

And because addicts inject a mixture of codeine powder with gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, lighter fluid or phosphorus, the damages to a human body often lead to death.

Last week, a drug-monitoring center in Arizona reported the first two cases of krokodil addiction in the United States.

While none of the area’s addiction treatment centers reached by Gossip Extra reported seeing patients doing krokodil, several started training staff to recognize the drug.

“We actually trained our staff this morning,” said Margaret Reeves, clinical director of the New Hope Corp. in-patient treatment center in Homestead. “When something scary like this hits the market, we train staff to recognize it.

“We’re also talking to our heroin-addicted clients so that they can be careful.

“It sounds like those who use this drug have a death wish. It’s very dangerous.”

Check out the video below:

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