EXCLUSIVE — Katrina Campins’ Hot Listings Miami Vanishes, Looking For Rebirth!

Hot Listings Miami's Katrina Campins

Hot Listings Miami star Katrina Campins (Splash News photo)

Hot Listings Miami, a reality show that showcases the Magic City’s high-end real estate biz through local hottie Katrina Campins‘ company, was nowhere to be found on the tube last night at its usual 9 p.m. slot.

“Actually, it’s a blessing in disguise,” Campins tells Gossip Extra.

The show’s eight-episode first season has been airing on the NBC Universal-owned Style network, a tiny station known for the popular Giuliana & Bill.

Thing is: The airings of Listings episode 7, scheduled for last night, and the grand finale next week are in limbo after NBC rebranded the female-heavy Style into a men’s network, Esquire, on Monday.

The timing couldn’t have been worse: Listings, also starring Campins’ snarky ex-husband Ben Moss on their search for digs for Miami Dolphins players, quickly became Style’s surprise hit.

A second season is already in the works.

With no one to air it all.

NBC Universal is involved with reality TV havens E!, Bravo and Oxygen, and Campins says she’s hoping to end up on one of them.

“We found out last week that Style disappeared, and everybody was shocked,” said Campins, who’s also Listings‘ producer. “It’s such as shame. Episodes 7 and 8 are my favorite.

“However, many people couldn’t find the show on Style even when it was on. If we move to much bigger E! or Bravo, it’ll be better for us and the audience.”

Gossip Extra broke the story last month: While the show also centers on Campins’ search for Mr. Right, she’s been married since the spring!

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  1. Annette says

    I hope that this is true and it gets picked up by Bravo – I am really enjoying watching how the super successful people manage their lives and their businesses.

  2. says

    I cannot believe that this show did not show the last episodes ! I am very upset that this channel has been cancelled! More men crap! I can see what is more important ! Women deserve channels like these !! Very upset!! Very upset!!!’

  3. Jackie says

    I loved this show “Hot Listings, Miami”, I hope Bravo picks this show up, I think it is soooo good!!! Katrina is a star and down to earth at that, she’s great, please come back on, miss you Katrina & family!

  4. chel says

    I loved this show! I was looking forward to watching Catrina’s new relationship play out. Somebody better pick this show up fast!!

  5. Helen Topalian says

    I’m gutted they haven’t shown the last 2 episodes as love this programme. Really hope Bravo don’t pick it up though as cant get it in the UK. Please put it on E!

  6. Halimat says

    I Love this Show, I learnt a lot from the show and I studied Estate management, I love to go into this buiseness

  7. Martha says

    Hola a todos, era mi favorito show, estaba embarazada cuando estaba el
    Show al aire, casi me dio un patatu cuando no lo pude encontrar, no es justo que hagan eso a uno, ponganlo pronto please