BREAKING — Anchorman Fired Over Personal Website

Josh Benson

Josh Benson, whose profile on the WFOR website was already erased! (WFOR photo)

flag-breaking-newsMiami’s WFOR-Channel 4 fired morning co-anchor Josh Benson over the weekend — precisely a year after he was hired.

The official line is that Benson, who arrived at the CBS affiliate from Orlando and presented his first newscast August 27, was streaming WFOR newscasts on his tech geek website without permission.

WFOR has terminated the employment of Josh Benson for his operation of a personal website that streamed the station’s newscasts without the knowledge and consent of the station,” station officials said in a statement.

The website,, was taken down and Benson couldn’t be reached for comment. Hobbyist web guru Benson simply posted about technology and the Internet.

The TV industry website, which broke the story about the firing, speculated that Benson was let go because he posted about this week’s arrival in the Miami market of the Internet broadcaster Aereo.

CBS and Aereo, which streams local TV on the web, are in a legal battle over programming fees. So happens that WFOR is owned by CBS.

Word in the newsroom is that Benson was hard to get along with and didn’t have many fans in upper management.

“They were looking for an excuse to fire him and they found one,” said a newsroom leader who asked not to be named in this story. “He’s a nice guy but he can rub people the wrong way.”

Easy on the eyes and light on hard-news judgment, Benson was a get for the station’s morning newscasts, where he was paired with Rhiannon Ally.

Within weeks of his arrival, they formed one of the area’s highest-rated morning crew.

“We are very excited to introduce Josh Benson to our viewers,” WFOR news director Liz Roldan said at the time. “His on-air presence, energy, and journalism skills will make him a great addition to our morning team.”

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  1. Chris MacDonald says

    Josh Benson hard to get along with? Not while I worked there. Josh was a pleasure to work with.

  2. Warren says

    Oh noo!! Channel 4 finaly got it right and they fired him over this silliness?? I liked Josh.. He and Rhiannon made a good team. Now I guess Summer or Brian will be taking his place.. SMH.

  3. John Biederman says

    Sorry, but I am happy to see Josh gone. He always reminded me of “Ted Baxter” from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. He just seemed so fake and really had no personality. He seemed insincere and had an air of arrogance around him. I did not believe the chemistry between Rhiannon and him was very good. It was very uncomfortable to watch their unscripted banter. Rhiannon seemed so much more at ease and was so much better with Marybel. Too bad they decided to hire Josh than to keep Jawan, he had at least some personality.